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Air Panama reviews, flying to Bocas del Toro

I have made a domestic flight with Air Panama and in this article I tell you the opinions of this Panamanian airline.

Depending on the time we have to visit a country, sometimes it is necessary to take domestic flights to be able to carry out our itinerary in the desired time. This was the case during my trip to Panamá. I wanted to get to Bocas del Toro and the plane proved to be a very interesting option, the chosen airline was Air Panama and I will tell you my reviews on each point of their service.

Air Panama Reviews

Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport

It is from this airport, popularly known as Albrok, that Air Panama planes leave. It is a small airport but it does not lack its tourist information stand and its cafeteria, in fact while I was waiting to enter the boarding gate area (where there is nothing to buy) I stood there to have a coffee.

Visit Panama stand
Tourist information zone

As a reference I can tell you that the cost of the round trip flight from Panama City to Bocas del Toro is approximately 200 dollars.


I checked in at the airport with no problems.

Air Panama ewviews, baggage drop
Check-in area


It started a little later than the scheduled time, but that was not a problem. The planes are small so there are not an infinite number of people boarding at the same time. The boarding gate area is very small and you have to be attentive when they call our flight since it is a person who announces that it is time to board (there is no microphone or anything).

Aircraft Interior and Seats

Upon entering the plane is when I realize that it really is small. It was a Fokker. The seats are 2 – 2 and inside they look a bit old (which for a 1 hour flight is acceptable).

Air Panama seats
Airplane seats

Drinks and food

During the flight, the cabin crew passed with a cart distributing drinks of all kinds. They also gave a snack.

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Inflight entertainment

There was no entertainment on board, but it was a 1 hour flight so it was OK. Plus there was plenty of entertainment in the window:

Emergency instructions

At this point, normal, the emergency instructions, no more no less.

Giving emergency instructions

Bathrooms’ condition

Normal condition, no complaints.

Support through social networks

This time I didn’t need to contact them so I can’t comment on it. If any of you do, leave me a comment to see how you were attended.

Arrival at Bocas del Toro airport

The Bocas del Toro airport is even more minuscule. Upon arrival, the suitcases are delivered one by one and you must have the baggage check-in paper at hand. Another important point is that when you arrive to go to Bocas you have to pay a ticket that is worth 3 balboas or dollars (bring change because cards are not accepted).

General opinion of Air Panama

This airline left me satisfied. The price was expensive, but I know that I did not pay for luxuries but for saving time to be able to go and come from Bocas. If you have a more comfortable itinerary you can make savings in this area without a doubt.

Flying with Air Panama

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