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10 Fun facts about airplanes… do you know them?

You won’t believe these amazing, fun, or weird facts about airplanes! Let’s see how many of these you know.

We love to fly! Although, it is something, we do without thinking too much about what is behind it. But have you ever stopped to think about how amazing it is that we can fly? That’s quite a remarkable feat when you think about it! Here are some fun and fascinating facts about airplanes that you might not know.

Clouds from the plane

Did you know these fun facts about airplanes?

Takeoff and landing are the most dangerous stages of a flight.

Takeoff and landing are the most dangerous stages of a flight. This is because during takeoff and landing, the aircraft is heavier and travels at its slowest speed. This makes it harder for the plane to maintain control and makes it more likely to crash.

In fact, 48% of the fatal accidents that have occurred in aviation have been during the landing stage. Knowing this, I hope you no longer feel like standing up when the plane barely touches the runway.

Airplane taking off

The dirtiest place on the plane is not the bathroom, as many might believe

It’s the easiest thing to assume: the bathroom is the dirtiest place on the plane, but no. That sad award goes to the table that we have in front of our seat. In fact, in some places, they warn us that the dirtiest element of the table is the knob to lower it. And it is that, in addition, with the pandemic we became more aware of the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of the elements that surround us, and we can see today more passengers, including me, who take out their disinfectant wipe for the table and the frontal screen.

Another filthy element is the seat belt buckle and the armrests. In short, it doesn’t hurt to take some disinfectant wipes with you, although nowadays, several airlines provide them.

Touching the red zone

Airline blankets are not always washed

This fun fact about airplanes, that I didn’t know about, and it has disturbed me quite a bit. Apparently, according to several articles and studies, the blankets are not always washed between each flight, and to go further: even if the blanket is delivered wrapped in plastic, this does not ensure that it is clean as it was with West Jet.

Sure, many of the airlines that promise that blanket is clean are telling the truth, but how do you know? If the doubt does not leave you alone, it is best to take your own blanket and pillow, that is, of course, if you have space in your hand luggage.

I hope this blanket was clean!

Black boxes… are not black

The plane’s black box isn’t actually black, but instead is painted bright orange to make it easier to find if the plane has an accident. In addition, that this paint is characterized by its high resistance to heat.

The black box is a critical part of the aircraft as it contains all the data about the flight and can help investigators find out what went wrong in the event of an accident.

Your taste buds change during the flight

Have you ever noticed that your food tastes different, if not bland, when you’re in flight? You are not imagining things; actually, there are some scientific explanations as to the cause of this.

This is one of those fun facts about airplanes that explains many things, and it is that, foremost, the level of humidity in airplanes is much lower than on the ground. This can dry out your nose and mouth, which can dull your sense of smell and taste. Additionally, the change in air pressure can also affect the intensity of certain aromas.

So, the next time you’re having a hard time enjoying your meal on board, remember it’s not you, it’s science!

In case of being bland, the fault would not be of the chef, but of the heights

If the lights go out, it’s not for comfort reasons

It seems that many of us may believe that the main reason why the lights go out for most of the flight is to make passengers feel more relaxed, especially if they are trying to sleep during a long flight. But this is not the reason, or at least not the main one.

If the lights have not already been turned off before, especially when landing at night, you will see that as the plane begins to descend, the cabin crew will turn off the lights to help passengers adjust their eyes to the darkness outside. This makes it easier to see when you are actually landing and be ready to know if the plane needs to be evacuated in the event of an incident.

Dim light in the cabin

Aircraft doors cannot be opened during flight

Although there have been cases of people who have wanted to open the door of the plane in mid-flight, being arrested right after, in reality there is no need to fear: opening them is impossible, they should have read these curious facts about airplanes first. What makes it impossible is the hermetic closure caused by its mechanical system plus the pressure exerted once on the heights.

Aircraft toilet doors can be opened from the outside

Did you know this? Yes, the plane’s staff can open the door from the outside, but they are supposed to use that lock only in an emergency.

Wash your hands with peace of mind

American Airlines saved $40,000 by removing an olive

It’s a well-known story, and one that probably led to more cutbacks, that during the 1980s American Airlines decided to put one less olive in all the salads they served. The passengers did not notice it, and they saved a not inconsiderable sum of money.

The problem is that this idea of removing things little by little, thinking that passengers will not notice, is what has probably led us to the fact that some services leave much to be desired on some airlines. Little by little, they are degrading the service, they constantly believe that passengers will not notice, but at a certain point, it is impossible not to notice that an olive is missing from the salad.

Dinner on the plane

When you flush the toilet on the plane it looks like it’s going to suck you in… but no

Has it happened to you that you pull the plane’s bathroom, and it crosses your mind that it sucks so hard that it seems like it’s going to suck you in too? To me, several times, but don’t be afraid, this system was invented in 1975 by James Kemper, it deals with vacuum toilets that suck up the waste with great force. With this, it is possible to spend very little water, but in return, they make a lot of noise. Everything is stored and emptied once on land. This technology began to be used in 1982.

The blue gift from the sky
Before this technology, a gift could have fallen from heaven. The technology used before consisted of a blue deodorant liquid called “Anotec” in which there could be leaks. The debris turned into a chunk of blue ice that fell to the ground and could put a hole in the roof of a house or car.


These are just some, if you know more fun facts about our dear airplanes, share them in the comments, so that among all the travelers we learn more!

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