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KLM airlines review: is the service worth?

We have made several flights with KLM and in this article we tell you our opinions of this airline of the Netherlands.

It is an airline with which we have flown more than once and with which experiences have been from mediocre to good. In this article, we will share a review of the flights we have made with KLM airlines.

KLM flight experience


Check-in I usually do it online, easy and without problem. In the past, KLM was an airline that let you select your seats when making the reservation without extra collection, but for flights from and to Asia, South America and the Caribbean they now charge 20 euros for selecting the seats before check-in.

I am speaking, obviously, of the normal economy seats, since if the traveler wants a seat in the row of the emergency exit door or at the front of the plane you must pay extra in any situation.

In case you have a frequent traveler status, no collection is made to choose a normal seat and for those of payment there is a discount.

With the boarding passes on the phone, we usually arrive at the airport to perform only Baggage Drop. If you do not have how to print the passing pass and took the option to show it on the phone, but you fear that your battery will die, you have the option to print it in one of the airport’s machines or ask the counter people to print it when you deliver your suitcases.

Check in en Schipol
Check-in in Schiphol

Note for the Stopover of more than 12 hours

If you do a Stopover of more than 12 hours at Schiphol, the company will tell you that the luggage must be collected at the intermediate point.

On one of the flights we made, we had a scale of many hours at the Schiphol Airport, since we were going to spend the night in Amsterdam and then take the long flight to Bogota. When doing the Baggage Drop, we said nothing, assuming that they would send them to Amsterdam.

What was our surprise when the counter’s attendant tells us that our suitcases leave to Bogota, and we told him no, that we needed them for the night, to which he replied that we should have informed him that we needed them at the intermediate point.

I won’t tell you the time we lost to make the suitcases return and rebuild the Baggage Drop to be able to have them at night, fortunately we had time.

I tell you this so that you do not trust what the airline tells you, as we did.

Delayed or canceled flight?
The airline could owe you up to €600 for the cancellation or delay of your flight, claim your compensation here.


It begins half an hour before takeoff, on almost all the flights that we have taken the approach began punctual. Of course, sometimes the lines become somewhat chaotic.

KLM Aircraft
The Machu Picchu plane was waiting for us


As I told them in other opinions of airlines, one of the things that I value increasingly on the planes, and with KLM, it is no exception, it is having a two-seats place. Well, with this airline it is something very difficult to obtain or rather impossible, since in its large airplanes configurations we find more and more the configuration of three-four-three seats.

So, unlike other airlines in this, I cannot say that I travel completely at ease (in Economy).

Be careful to pay for having a two-seats place: for the flight to Peru, I paid extra to have a two-seats place, and they suddenly changed the layout of the plane. They relocated me to a seat in the same category (called Preferred Seat) but we ended up staying in the part of 4, I honestly felt deceived.

I must admit that from here the airline has improved on the topic of the space between one row and another. Apparently, the seats they have now are thinner, which allows you to have a few more centimeters to stretch your legs, which after many flight hours helps a lot.

In addition, if the person opposite reclines the seat gives less, one feels less crushed.

KLM Seats
General vision of the seats, three four three = NO LIKE

Business Class seat

Here we leave our review on a KLM Airlines trip in Business Class

KLM Business Seats
Business KLM

Welcome kit

Unlike other airlines, with KLM, there is no welcome kit bag.

KLM headphones
No, headphones do not count as a welcome kit.

Drinks and food

In this area, our KLM airlines reviews will be divided between short flights and long flights:

On long flights

At least there are two food options, the bad thing is that the menu is not given in advance, which is difficult for undecided people like me. When the steward comes to you, he tells you what there is, and you have to decide right now, no other way. In terms of drinks, they have enough options, such as juices, sodas, liquors, wine.

The food is always accompanied by a bottle of water.

On short flights

I have to applaud them, for they are one of the few European airlines that still give something decent to eat on the plane for a flight inside Europe (lately it has become fashionable to give only a peanut bag).

KLM gives you a sandwich or a wrap and a drink, like the ones that I listed up for long flights.

KLM food
Sandwich and wine

Entertainment on board

We had a good selection of movies to spend the long flight hours.

KLM screen
Entertainment on board

And of course, the flight maps could not miss:

KLM map
Flight map

Emergency instructions

Each airline tries to be more and more original in the way of presenting the emergency slogans, this for people to pay attention to them. In KLM, they tried to permeate the seal of the Netherlands using a series of tiles with the drawings of the slogans. It suits them well.

KLM safety instructions
Emergency instructions

Bathroom status

On this topic, there are no complaints, throughout the flight they were clean and with the basic items such as soap and paper always available.

Support through social networks

About that topic, I have said that KLM Airlines deserves an excellent review. If you need help, you have a question about your reservation or whatever, you can contact them on Twitter, and they answer you quickly. Most of the time I solved problems with my reservation through communication on this social network.

Stopover at Schiphol airport

The Schiphol airport is one of those where making a stopover becomes very bearable since it has those seats where you can throw a nap. Occasionally, we have had a 4 or 6 hour stopover there, and we have been able to rest or walk through the numerous stores. In the case of this flight, we had a long night stopover, so we slept in a hotel near the airport. Of course, if you plan to make a day-long stopover at Amsterdam, you will have to plan it yourself since this airline does not offer any free tour of the city as some Asian airlines do.

KLM Airlines general review

This airline left me satisfied without more, it is not above the airlines with which I have traveled. But at least what there is what is seen and there are no unpleasant surprises (except when you pay for seats of two, and they change the layout).

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