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Qatar Airways Economy Class review

We made a flight with Qatar Airways and in this article we tell you our opinions. The expectations were very high, were they met?

Finally, a flight with Qatar Airways could be accommodated for us, and that was the beginning of our trip to Korea and in this article, we tell you the review that we had of this airline in Economy Class, the expectations were very high, were they fulfilled?

Here we will discuss the trip we made to get to Seoul (ICN), we left from the City of London (Gatwick LHR airport) with a stopover in Doha (DOH).

Our review when flying with Qatar Airways in Economy Class


The check-in itself is done online, all without problem. For this, I have to say that Qatar Airways is one of those airlines that lets you choose your seats from the moment you make the reservation, unlike others that only let you do it at check-in (unless you pay extra, of course).

With printed boarding passes, we arrived at London airport for baggage drop. Once there, the girl re-printed my boarding passes, well, that didn’t matter to me. My backpack was taken by a boy since he was a “special format”. From there, we had plenty of time before boarding, which starts 1 hour before takeoff.

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It starts 1 hour before takeoff, on all the flights we took the boarding started on time. On the first flight at boarding time there were few people, but on the second there were plenty. In both cases everything went smoothly.


This was one of the parts that generated the best opinions about Qatar Airways, of the four flights we took with this airline, in three we were able to have a seat of only two, it is something that I increasingly value more in airplanes, especially for long flights! On the way to Seoul, the two flights were for two, so we traveled quite comfortably.

Welcome kit

Here again, surpassing many of the airlines I have traveled with: they gave us a bag with eye covers, ear covers, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste. Although on one of the return flights, I think they didn’t give us, but we already had so many little bags that we didn’t care.

A very nice kit :D
A very nice kit :D

Drinks and food

On some flights, they gave us a written menu, on others the menu appeared on the screen. The thing was, there was a choice. Among the drinks they offered, at no cost, they had champagne! When they offered us the drinks on the first flight, I asked for it since we were celebrating our wedding anniversary that day.

Inflight entertainment

There were plenty of movies and on this flight I started watching Bollywood movies, the screens are big, and you can charge your phone as they have a USB connection. On one of the flights they had announced a free Wi-Fi offer for 15 minutes, that is, even that!

And of course, the flight maps could not be missing:

Layover in Doha

Doha airport is one of those where making a stopover becomes very bearable, it works 24 hours a day, it has those seats where you can take a little nap. Our layover was for 19 hours (from 7 AM to 1 AM the next day) so we decided to go out and explore the city. In this case, everything had to run on our own. In case of a shorter stopover, Qatar Airways offers a city tour that lasts about three hours, which was not convenient for us.

Arrival in Seoul

We arrived at our destination on time, all without mishap, we got out of the plane, as I had to make a “technical stop” before going through the visa control at the time of queuing, there were not so many people. And after several hours of flight: we arrived in Seoul!

Qatar Airways General Opinions

This airline left me quite satisfied, let’s say that it is above the airlines with which I travel regularly, too bad I can’t go to Mexico with them.

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