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Flying with AnadoluJet, a review

After flying with the low-cost airline AnadoluJet, I tell you the review we have about their service.

To go from Istanbul to Capadoccia, we decided to take the plane and one of the options at the best price was AnadoluJet, this airline is part of Turkish Airlines and is in the category of low-cost airlines. In this article, we tell you what our review after flying with AnadoluJet on a short flight.

Flight details

  • Flight from: Istambul (SAW) to Goreme (NAV)
  • Aircraft Model: Boeing 737-800
  • Airline IATA code: TK (yes, the same IATA code as Turkish Airlines)

Our Flight Experience with AnadoluJet


Check-in is done on the Turkish Airlines page, we must remember that they are part of the same group. Upon arrival at Sabiha Gökçen airport, to which we tell you here how to get from Istanbul, to leave our bags we print the labels on the little machine, and then make a short line. The baggage drop was very fast, since everything was practically done.

Delayed or canceled flight?
The airline could owe you up to €600 for the cancellation or delay of your flight, claim your compensation here.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport is located on the Asian side of the city and is smaller than the airport on the European side, which receives more international flights. Knowing this, we were prepared for a small and very basic airport, as we have already seen with the airports that serve mostly low-cost airlines.

We were pleasantly surprised, yes indeed it was smaller than the other airport, but it had all the services, restaurants, shops, cafeterias, waiting rooms, we even had the opportunity to have a coffee before going to look for our door.


Boarding went smoothly and on time.

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Here, I have to start with a miscalculation on my part. The system assigned us middle and window seats. I could have changed them by paying a small amount, doing the currency exchange it was around 110 pesos or 5 euros. But being a weekday and outside the school period I made a bet, I assumed that the flight would not be full, since I did not want to be in the same situation as the Emirates flight in which I paid for assigned seats, so that in the end the flight It was almost empty. But it went wrong for me.

It turns out that the flight was full and yes, I had to be at the window. Now let’s talk about the seat. They are one of those new seats that are thinner, some airlines choose to use this space for the customer to take advantage of, others use it to put more seats and I guess AnadoluJet chose the second option. The space was tiny and being in the window it felt even more so.

Window seat can be stressful

In my personal case, I have already mentioned the fact that I do not feel comfortable being at the window or in the middle with strangers by my side, it makes me feel confined, and it begins to make me desperate. Something that I felt on this flight, I had to look out the window throughout the flight, which by the way was short. The fact that the seat was so small didn’t help. I tell you all this so that you consider that in my review about AnadoluJet, if I say that the seat seemed too small to me, it is, above all, because of my situation, but if you do not mind the situation, you will probably think that the seat is normal.

Welcome kit

Receiving a welcome kit always improves my review of the airline in question, with AnadoluJet, however, it did not happen that way. But to be honest, I did not expect anything since it is a low-cost airline. It is as if I expected that easyjet, those who charge for the smallest detail, were going to give something on the flight.

What they did give us, but I don’t count it as a welcome kit but rather because of the situation, was a hygiene kit. In it came: an envelope with antibacterial gel, a wet wipe and a mask.

Drinks and food

Again due to the category of airline, I did not expect anything at all, but they did give us a small bottle of water. A pleasant surprise.

Inflight entertainment

Being such a short flight, there was no entertainment. So one had to bring their own magazines. In my case, I began to count the clouds, I had to look outside to lower the stress of feeling locked up.

Emergency instructions

All normal, they give instructions in Turkish and English.

State of the bathrooms

On this topic, I cannot give a review, since I preferred not to move from my seat.

Support through social networks

For this flight, I used the same support as Turkish Airlines, so the same review applies, the interaction with customer service on Twitter was satisfactory.

Arrival at Destination

We arrived at Nevşehir airport, which is about 20 km away from Goreme (where we would stay).

General review of AnadoluJet

The flight is quite cheap, we were able to check our bags, and it arrived on time. The truth is that, being an airline in the low-cost category, you cannot ask for more, and we are satisfied.

I can’t blame my problem with the window on them, that was a bet I made, and I lost.

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