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Garuda Indonesia Business Class Review

Explore the luxuries of Garuda Indonesia Business Class with our detailed review. Discover what makes this service stand out and decide if it’s right for you!

To make our trip to Thailand, we have used this airline. Thanks to a fantastic deal, we were able to take advantage of the business class. It was the first time we flew with this airline, so we had no point of comparison, not even in economy. In any case, we would have a good opportunity to review Garuda Indonesia as, we could take 4 Business Class flights (two long and two medium haul). Here we leave our review of Garuda Indonesia flights in Business class for short and long haul.

A review about Garuda Indonesia in Business Class


The check-in was done at the airport, easy and without problem, our review of Garuda Indonesia in Business Class started well. I was able to make the selection of seats in advance online, although I remember struggling a bit with the site, but eventually, I succeeded.

On a long-haul flight, it is important to select the most suitable type of seat, since in the business section there are two rows of individual seats and the middle part are seats for two.

But there are two types of seats for two: one that allows the two people not to see each other and the other in which the seats are really together and if you are traveling with someone you want to talk to during the flight, it is the best option.

Once we got our boarding passes, we had the wonderful “Fast Track” passes, with those we got through security and passport control fast. A very useful pass.

Note for long stopovers at Jakarta airport

If you have an overnight stopover at Jakarta airport (as was our case), there are several hotels around the airport to spend the night.

But if you definitely don’t want to leave the airport, there is the option of the Jakarta Airport Hotel. We stayed there on the outbound flight since the connection was very long (from 8 PM to 9 AM the next day) and We had a restful sleep.

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On all flights, he started on time.

When traveling in business class, we had the right to be among the first to board.

When boarding, the stewardesses offer us a welcome drink to wait for the entire boarding process.

There are the classic options to drink: champagne, wine, juice, but we chose a drink that was typical of the airline that was the “ambarella juice”. It was delicious.

Delayed or canceled flight?
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Long-haul flight

On the two long-haul flights we took, the business configuration was 1 – 2 – 1, as I told you before, I chose a two-seat configuration where the two passengers were close to each other.

The other two-seat configuration allowed you to be completely isolated from the one next to you, which is perfect for when traveling alone, but that was not our case.

The truth is that once in the seat, the feeling of privacy is complete. You don’t feel overwhelmed and surrounded by people, even though there are people around, the seats are made in such a way that you feel a pleasant sensation of solitude.

The space for the legs is enormous, as you can imagine. The seat can be fully reclined, so you can sleep without any problem. What a joy! There were also several electrical connections, so you can leave the equipment charging without any problem.

Another thing I liked about this plane is that during the flight they used various types of dim lights to set the mood for the cabin. Even at times you could see “stars” on the roof of the cabin, very nice.

Medium-haul flight (from Jakarta to Bangkok)

On the medium-haul flights the seats are 1-2, still with plenty of legrooms, but here there is no bed. Although it was not needed since the flight was not more than 3/4 hours.

Welcome kit

Garuda Indonesia‘s kit for business class contains various products from the French brand Clarins, toothpaste and a toothbrush, slippers, a hairbrush, earplugs and an eye mask to help you sleep better.

Welcome kit from Garuda Indonesia in Business class
Welcome kit from Garuda Indonesia in Business class

Drinks and food

Long-haul flight

Arriving at the seat, we consult the menu and shortly after takeoff the stewardess approaches us to ask us what our choice of food is. There are two options for starter and main course. The service is, how to describe it, like a high-end restaurant, it was excellent.

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They put a tablecloth for us and all the cutlery is made of metal.

They bring us the entrance first and when we finish what follows. As in the restaurant, very nice.

As for drinks, they have many options, such as juices, sodas, liquors, wine.

After the meal, follows the dessert and then tea or coffee.

If hunger strikes between meals, there’s no need to rush, there are snacks, but it’s not like in economy class that you get up and grab your snack and that’s it.

Both times I went for my snack, the stewardesses told me not to worry that, and they brought it to me and when they arrived it came with all the tablecloth service.

For example: I went to serve a glass of soup, and they heated it up for me and put it in a beautiful deep plate with a tomato and an egg. Oh, wow.

On another occasion, they brought me some nachos with cheese. Definitely, while traveling in business class on Garuda Indonesia, one does not stay hungry.

As you can imagine, my review of the food service from Garuda Indonesia in business class is more than excellent.

Medium haul flight (from Jakarta to Bangkok)

As in long-haul flights, here you choose between two options, and they serve you super well presented.

On this flight something happened: on the Bangkok-Jakarta flight (it was already on the way back) I began to feel cold, and at some moment the stewardess approached me without me saying anything.

She told me, “oh, I see that you don’t feel very good“.

And she brought me a box of tissues, and then she asked me if I wanted a tea with honey and lemon.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and yes, she brought me a tea with honey and a slice of lemon.

An attention that I will never forget on a plane. This goes beyond business class service!

Onboard entertainment

At each seat, we have an individual entertainment screen. In them, we had a good selection of movies to pass the long hours of flight. In addition to the flight maps.

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Emergency instructions

Everything normal, they give the slogans in Indonesian language and in English. Well visible to all passengers. The stewardesses came out with the uniform that I liked a lot.

Safety instructions

State of the bathrooms

At this point, there are no complaints, no bad reviews, throughout the flight they were clean and with the necessary items such as soap and paper always available, good for Garuda Indonesia.

Also, I guess because it was business class, there were also creams and lotions for the face.

Support through social media

I cannot comment on Garuda Indonesia’s performance at this point, as I did not require support via social media.

Layover at Jakarta airport (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport)

At Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, you can spend your time in the various restaurants and shops in the terminal.

We had quite a long layover on arrival, so we spent the night at the hotel in terminal 2, when we arrived at terminal 3 we had to use its modern and brand-new train that connects the terminals. It works like a charm.

Terminal 3 Garuda Lounge

On the outward flight, we used the Terminal 3 lounge, where you can rest before taking the next flight.

When it comes to food and drinks, there is a lot of variety and the atmosphere was quite calm.

Special mention to the foot massage machine.

Arrival at Destination

On all flights we arrive on time at our destination, we hope it continues like this with this airline.

General review of Garuda Indonesia in Business Class

Garuda Indonesia exceeded my expectations with their outstanding business class service, hence this review.

In the business class of long-haul flights, I already have a point of comparison that is KLM (our first trip in this class) and I have to say that it far surpasses them.

You feel a lot of that “Asian hospitality” added to the already pleasant experience of flying in business class.

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