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Emirates review, how is flying with them?

After flying with Emirates we can give you our review about this very well ranked airline, we will tell you if service worth or not.

The time had finally come to fly with this airline, which many say is one of the best in the world. Always for some reason, it was impossible to fly with them. But the day has come, the time to go on the skyes with the airline of the emirate of Dubai and we bring you this article with our Emirates review.

Our Flying Experience with Emirates


The check-in was done online, easily and without problem. What you need to know is that when checking in they do not provide us with boarding passes, this is to force us to go through the counter since we have to show the PCR test, which is mandatory to fly to Dubai.

Seat selection is possible, only at the time check-in opens, before that you have to pay, depending on the seat chosen.

When we got to baggage drop (and they gave us our passes), with some stress we saw that at some counters the employees wore the mask on their chin (which is the same as not wearing it), luckily we got a employee who did have it on.

Delayed flight with Emirates? The airline could owe you up to €600 for the cancellation or delay of your flight. Claim your compensation here


Starts on time, well in advance as Emirates planes are usually huge, which usually generates good reviews. When boarding you have to go through the Business class section, so we can get an idea of what the seats are like, not so with the first class (the famous cabins).

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Intercontinental flight in Economy

The plane we flew on was a Boeing 777-300 ER with a 3 – 4 – 3 seating configuration, having a small section of 2 (for a fee).

The space for the legs is quite good in these planes, if the one in front comes to recline, the sensation of invasion of space is less than in other planes. At the head of each seat is a section that can be molded to lay your head on its side without damaging your neck.

About the paid seats: for the outward journey I did not contract the seats in a row of only two, but for the return I did. Seeing that the plane was almost empty, I felt that I made a mistake. But I regretted having made that purchase even more, when I realized that the passengers who were sitting in other seats, began to sit in the paid seats when they saw them empty. I felt that it had been an absolutely useless purchase. And indeed, it was. When sharing this with the airline, the response was that the passengers already had those seats, although it was evident that this was not the case. To make it short: unless you are sure that the season will cause the plane to be full, it is not necessary to buy those seats, if they are empty you can grab them at the end of the boarding.

Intercontinental flight in Business Class

Even though we didn’t have tickets in this class, we were able to see the seats upon boarding. The configuration is 2 – 3 – 2 and the truth is that I found it somewhat uncomfortable considering that in this class you are looking for space and privacy. If the business class of the extinct Air France A380 already made me uncomfortable with its 2 – 2 – 2 configuration, this one is worse. Of course, since we did not use those seats we cannot tell you if the service on board compensates for the lack of space.

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Welcome Kit

They gave us antibacterial gel and a mask as welcome items. Then the other items are normal for a flight of many hours: pillow, blanket and headphones. Although these do not count as a welcome kit, since they are not to be taken away.

Masks on the plane: on this airline, as on many others, the use of a face mask is mandatory throughout the flight. The problem is that in Emirates, this is something that made us have not very good opinions about them, we saw how some of the passengers, just after getting on the plane, proceeded to remove their mask or put it on their chin, which is almost the same. When we saw this on other airlines such as Air France or Aeromexico, the staff reminded passengers of its use, but this unfortunately did not happen on Emirates. What must be made clear is that the staff wore them at all times.

Drinks and food

Intercontinental flight in Economy

On the entertainment screen you could see the menu, to think ahead about what to choose. There are two or three food options. The food was delicious, although you always have to remember that it is an airplane meal. As for drinks, they have many options like juices, sodas, liquors, wine.

The cutlery that they give us is made of metal, something that I really appreciate in an Economy meal.

With a little less than two hours before landing, they gave us a sandwich, just to calm any hunger we might have before reaching our destination.

Onboard entertainment

Intercontinental flight

At each seat we have an individual entertainment screen. In them we had a good selection of movies and series to pass the hours of flight. Emirates’ entertainment system, called ICE, has very good reviews going for it and we were not disappointed.

The size of the screens varies, depending on how new the seats are on the plane we’re flying on. On the outbound flight, the screens were smaller than on the return flight.

The picture on the plane: I had heard in other Emirates reviews that it was possible to take an instant souvenir picture, completely free, but you had to ask for it. During the flight I did that and indeed, they took our photo and gave it to us in a very nice envelope. If it is the first time you fly with them, it is a recommended experience.

Emergency instructions

All normal, they give instructions in Arabic and English. The video is pretty standard.

State of the bathrooms

On this topic, there are no complaints, throughout the flight they were clean. In addition to the basic items like soap and paper always available, we had a lotion and a cream at our disposal.

Support through social networks

They take a long time to respond, although nowadays they attribute it to the pandemic and since before it I did not need to contact them, it is impossible for me to say if they responded quickly or not before.

So you have to know that they take time to answer, but they do respond, although not always very favorably.

Beware of promotional codes: it turns out that to make my reservation I used a promotional code to have free tickets to the “La Perle” show, the code worked on the site and I assumed that having worked was enough. Days passed and I did not receive what I needed to get my tickets and when contacting Emirates they told me that the code was not valid for the date I made the reservation. I asked them then how was it possible that the code worked? and got no response. So always read the fine print of those codes, that the fact that it is accepted on the website does not mean that it was accepted at all.

Arrival at Destination

We arrived on time at our destination, on the two flights we took with them.

Video of our flights with Emirates

Here we leave you the review of the flights in Emirates in video

Emirates review, our final thoughts

Despite the excellent opinions circulating about Emirates, they left me with a bittersweet taste, it is true that in many aspects the service is first class, but the incidents with the promotional code, the use of paid seats and the mask in the airplane, didn’t leave the best impression on me. Let’s just say that within Economy flights, I wouldn’t rank it higher than several of the other airlines I’ve flown with, it’s somewhere in the middle.

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