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World Traveller Plus British Airways review

We made a flight with British Airways and in this article we tell you our review of the World Traveller Plus class. Are you going to fly with them soon?

For our return flight from San Diego California we took the flight with British Airways. We took advantage of the offers that were available at that time to be able to book in the World Traveller Plus class, which is a class that is between Business, which is at an unattainable price, and Economy, where you generally go like a sardine, this intermediate class is more expensive, yes, but with a still affordable price. So, in this article we will leave you our review about flights with British Airways on their World Traveller Plus class.

World Traveller Plus British Airways Flight Review

Many of the points listed here apply to both Economy and Economy Plus classes. So no matter what class you’re traveling in, read on.


Check-In could be done online for the outward flight since the two flights were from British Airways. But be careful if you make the return flight from the United States and have an American Airlines flight as your initial flight: in that case you will necessarily have to check in at the airport.


Without much trouble at this point, most of the time they start on time. In the case of traveling in World Traveller Plus, supposedly, you get on the plane before the Economy ones, but the boarding was not always done in that order. You just have to be attentive or ask.

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Get your flight to UK at the best price


In the case of the World Traveller Plus, the advantages in this area are: more legroom, a larger seat. In general, the cabin is more comfortable since it gives the feeling of being less crowded than in Economy. The truth is that it helped me a lot since I just landed and the next day I went back to work so I needed to be fresh as a cucumber and after a flight of 10 hours plus jetlag it’s a bit difficult to get.

Welcome kit

The airline welcomes us to our seats with a little bag that includes: toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, socks (which I still use to sleep), a pen and an eye cover. In addition, the headphones provided in the World Traveller Plus are much more powerful when it comes to isolating the sound of the turbines.

Drinks and food

Here the difference between World Traveller Plus and Economy is that they give you a menu before serving, so you have time to think about what you are going to want to eat (I don’t know about you but it happens to me that when they read me the menu and I have to choose I’m already stressed a bit). Then the presentation of the food is almost the same as in Economy, the only difference is that the cutlery is made of metal.

In general the food is good, in that area I have no complaints.

Layover at London Heathrow


This is an airport where we can find everything, food options will not be lacking. Here they have stores where you can easily go for hours, while we wait for our next connecting flight.

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In case you arrive at London Gatwick and want to go to the city center, we tell you how to take the airport train.

Is BA World Traveller plus worth it?

This airline left me satisfied, it is not at the top of all the airlines I have traveled with, but it is better than the airlines I travel with regularly.

About the World Traveller Plus: we felt that the flight passed faster than when we traveled in Economy 🙂 the truth is that I can only recommend that you travel in this class if you find an affordable price (if the price is stratospheric it is not worth it).

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