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How to get from Montreal Airport to downtown?

We tell you how to go from the Montreal airport to the city center.

Your plane lands in Montreal, Canada. Emotion. What follows is to go through the sanitary and customs controls, all good. Now to pick up the suitcase. And now what to do?, what follows is to leave the airport and head to the city center, or wherever your hotel is. Here we are going to show you what are the options for it and how we did to get from the Montreal airport to downtown.

Some facts about Montreal Airport

  • IATA code: YUL
  • It is located 30 km from downtown Montreal
  • It was inaugurated on September 10, 1941
  • It was renamed in 2004 under the name “Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport”

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How to get from Montreal Airport to downtown?

These are the options to move from the Montreal Airport to the center and vice versa:

Option 1: Taxi

From the airport you can take taxis. In about 25 minutes, if there are no traffic jams, you can expect to reach the center. To take them you have to go to the arrivals level, right next to the central exit of the terminal. The rate to get to the center is fixed and would be around 41 Canadian dollars.

Option 2: Private Transfer

The private transfer is contracted in advance, you can hire it on your own. You have to check prices and compare. It is useful in case you arrive late and you can’t yet navigate in the city. We used this option on our first arrival in Istanbul.

Option 3: Bus

Another good option to get from Montreal airport to downtown is the bus. For this we have at our disposal the 747 bus.

The great advantage of these buses is that they run every 15 to 30 minutes. But unlike what happens in other airports, such as Istanbul, here the bus operates 24 hours. So no matter what time you arrive, you can take it.

Buying the ticket

To buy the ticket, you have to do it in the machines that are in the arrivals section.

What is the 747 bus route?

After taking the bus, the first stop is called Lionel-Groulx which connects with the green and orange lines of the metro, do not forget that we have a ticket that covers these routes.

Once past this, the bus will stop at various points on René-Lévesque avenue until it reaches the Berro-Uqam station from where you can take the green, orange and yellow lines.

How much is the 747 bus ticket?

As for prices, the minimum you can expect to pay is 10 dollars per person. For this price the ticket will be good for 24 hours, so don’t throw it away, like we did. For example, if you arrive at the airport at night, the ticket will serve you for the entire next day to take public transport.

Where can you take the bus to get from the Airport to downtown Montreal?

In the place where we see the machines, there is also a counter. When we arrived it was already late, maybe that’s why no one was there. But this is to say that from there you just have to follow the arrows and very quickly we will be waiting for the bus.

When boarding the bus, please leave your bags on the shelves. This to avoid a scolding from the driver, the poor guy had to tell almost everyone since they didn’t use him. He said it was a legal obligation, something like putting on a seat belt when getting into a car.

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