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Review about Hotel Kartaxa in Cartagena de Indias, is it worth it?

If you are going to travel to Cartagena de Indias soon, read our review about the Kartaxa Hotel, so you can see what it offers.

We’ll show you our review about the hotel where we stayed in Cartagena de Indias during our trip to Colombia, the Hotel Kartaxa.

Hotel Kartaxa en Cartagena
Hotel Kartaxa

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The location

The hotel is located inside the walled city. Almost next to “the vaults” in fact, it is located on the calle de las bóvedas (street of the vaults). To be able to tour the walled city is very convenient since everything can be done on foot.

The reception and the staff

The reception staff are very friendly. Upon arrival, they took all our data as it happened in all the hotels in Colombia. Especially they take a copy of our passport and the immigration stamp because foreigners are exempt from paying VAT for lodging. They took the opportunity to tell us that they could help in anything, we just could ask. So did we, the first day they helped us find a laundry and the following days they would help us call to reserve transportation to the cities of Barranquilla and Santa Marta.

But the greatest favor they did us at the hotel was the day we returned from Barranquilla: we had a delay with transportation, and we were not going to be able to pick up our clothes from the laundry. It was a real emergency because we didn’t have any clothe left for the next day. We called the hotel, with some embarrassment, and the guy at the reception said that he would help us pick up the clothes. Meanwhile, I also called the laundry to let them know that they would go from the hotel to pick it up and when. When we got there, our clothes were in our room.

They had saved us and this is one of the highlights in our review about Kartaxa Hotel in Cartagena de Indias!

The room

The rooms are comfortable, clean, enough toiletries. They have television and, critical in the Caribbean, air conditioning. The decoration is different in each room, since each one bears the name of a Cartagena artist. Our room was that of the “Tuerto Lopez” poet of Cartagena.

Now, some of the things we missed having in the room (considering the price per night) were: a safe and a mini fridge.

Also, as advice for those who decide to book this hotel: do not take a room on the first floor. The one we had was on this floor, and it felt very dark. I like that they can get some outside light.

Finally, in the bathroom, the hot water is rather lukewarm… but being in the Caribbean it was not necessary to ask for more. But I will tell you all the same because if you are one of those who need very hot water, look ahead to avoid surprises when you want to take a bath.

How much is the Kartaxa Hotel?

We paid 67 euros per night.

The Facilities

You can access the terrace from where you can see the sea, and they also had a small pool, perfect for those hot days.


Breakfast is taken in the restaurant adjoining the hotel. When you arrive, they give you a menu so you can eat something different every day without a problem, in addition to the “main course” they give you a plate of fruit to start with and a coffee or tea.

Review about Kartaxa Hotel in Cartagena, is it worth?

Despite the inconveniences of the room, because of the excellent service they gave us: if we return to Cartagena, we would stay here again.

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