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What to eat in Prague?

We take you on a tour of the dishes that can be eaten in Prague and its surroundings. Food, drinks, desserts.

If you are planning to visit the charming capital of the Czech Republic in a not too distant future and you don’t have much idea of the culinary offer of the city, then here are some delicious suggestions for food, dessert and drinks. So you will know what options you have to eat in Prague?

What to eat in and around Prague?

Svíčková na smetaně

It is pronounced svichkova. It consists of tender sirloin steaks with a rich sauce topped with cream (smetaně), blueberries and served with houskové knedlíky (bread dumplings). The combination is very delicious and it is not for nothing that this is one of the traditional dishes of Czech food. The bread dumplings don’t taste like much, but dipping them in the sauce changes everything.

Svíčková na smetaně


It is pronounced goulash. Originally from Hungary, it is a preparation of meat with vegetables, paprika and other spices. It is quite popular in Central European countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Scandinavia (cold weather in common). This is quite a heavy but tasty meal, yes, after eating a goulash I didn’t ask for dessert or anything else 😮 and I recommend eating it better at lunch instead of dinner, because I was very excited the first day I we arrived, and it was time for dinner, I ordered it and ohhhh my stomach was very heavy 😀

The presentation of the dish depends on the restaurant, in the Kutna Hora restaurant they served it on a plate with dumplings and in Prague they served it within a “bread plate”

Zapečená brokolice s uzenym masem a bramborami

(baked broccoli with smoked meat and potatoes)

I’m not sure this is a “national dish” but I’ll leave it because it turns out that on our last day in Prague we went back at noon to eat at the restaurant we had always gone to for dinner. They had at that time the “menu of the day” which sounded very cheap and delicious :D. Of course, the names were only the Czech one and the waiter did us the favor of translating so Vincent ordered this baked broccoli dish. It came with a tomato and vegetable salad.

Zapečená brokolice
Zapečená brokolice

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Kuřecí stripsy v těstíčku

(breaded chicken strips)
Same case as the previous one, the food of the day that I ordered. When the waiter told me that it was “chicken strips” I was expecting something much slimmer than this hahaha 😀 they were huge pieces of breaded chicken. Also accompanied by a “small” portion of mashed potatoes 😀

Kuřecí stripsy v těstíčku

Květákové placičky

(Cauliflower pancakes)

Very tasty dish, it is accompanied by cream and mashed potatoes which one spreads as if it were hotcakes. Delicious.

Cauliflower pancakes with cream
Cauliflower pancakes with cream

Pork meat with potatoes and cream

The restaurant where we ate this dish didn’t have the names of the dishes in Czech 🙁 so I owe them (until I find them). The only thing I can tell you is that if you see vepřové on the menu it means “pork meat”. There are quite a few dishes with this meat present on Czech menus such as vepřové se zelím which is pork with cabbage and dumplings. I was recommended to try it but I couldn’t find it in any of the restaurants we visited so I’ll leave it there to see if you can find it 😀

Returning to this dish, the pork is accompanied by cream, berries (if I remember correctly they were blueberries) and a salad with potatoes.

Pork Meat


The variety of soups in Prague was plentiful and delicious 🙂 having visited the city with a climate below 10°C those “soups of the day” saved us from the cold. The ones I show here are: the classic minestrone, a chicken soup, and a tomato soup with pasta. When I was seeing “Soup of the day” on the menu I was rarely disappointed.

Some desserts

Trdelník or Trdlo

This dessert can be seen in street stalls and is quite popular. It is said that it is not exactly traditional from the Czech Republic (a Czech told me) that is, it has been popular for some years but it is not like an ancestral local food. It has been imported from other Eastern European countries and has been very successful.

Basically the dough is rolled up on a tube (the trdlo) and it becomes cylindrical in shape and can be served like this, just the sugared dough or with nutella, icecream, honey, or whatever the vendors come up with XD

The truth is that traditional or not, it is very tasty and it is impossible to say no.

Crepes and pastries

In Kutna Hora we came across a stall that had two girls dressed traditionally and they were selling “pancakes” when I saw what it was we were so amused that we decided to buy them 😀 it was crepes! but hey 🙂 served by a girl in medieval dress is nothing common 🙂

Desserts in restaurants, I almost never tried as the food was usually so copious that there wasn’t much room left. But on one occasion I was able to order a strawberry cheesecake. Delicious.

The question what to eat in Prague? is incomplete if we do not talk about their drinks…

Drinks in Prague, the question is Beer or Wine?

The million dollar question. The Czech Republic has a long brewing tradition (pivo) and Vincent was able to order almost a different beer every time we sat down to eat 😮 and I never saw him complain 🙂 so they were good. For my part, I am more into wine and I tried red and white (bile sudove). In addition, in our accommodation they had prepared two cans of beer and two bottles of sparkling wine (Bohemia Sekt), very good.

A rare snack in Prague: “Mexican nachos”

I have to say that they had little of “Mexican” or “nacho” just by looking at them, but out of pure curiosity I bought them XD and the truth is that they weren’t good, but I didn’t stay curious.

Neither nachos nor Mexicans XD

We missed many of the things we can eat in Prague, if you want to add a delicacy to the list, leave us a (succulent) comment.

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