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The Round Tower in Copenhagen

Visit to the Round Tower of Copenhagen. Building created to be an observatory. Today it offers beautiful views of the city.

One of the places not to be missed in the capital of Denmark is the Copenhagen Round Tower (Rundertaarn), in which you have to be in good physical condition since you literally climb it, turning it around. In this article, we tell you how to visit it.

Information to visit the Round Tower in Copenhagen

How much is it?
40 DKK (updated 2022)

Which are the schedules?
From October to March: every day from 10 AM to 6 PM, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 9 PM.
From April to September: every day from 10 AM to 8 PM

Can you take photos?

Consider that the Round Tower of Copenhagen does not have an elevator and, due to the small size of some areas, entering with suitcases is not allowed.

Why and who built it?

The Round Tower of Copenhagen was built in the 12th century. It was one of the many architectural projects of King Christian IV to be an astronomical observatory. It has a helical corridor that gives it 7 and a half turns until it reaches the top.

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Our visit to the Round Tower of Copenhagen

The way to the tower

On the way we came across a kiosk that sold snacks, something simple, but the kiosk itself was very striking (later we would realize that there were many like this throughout the city). We walked the Danish streets and as we got closer to the tower it was impossible not to see it. Upon entering, the first thing you see is the interior of the church that is right next to the tower (there was a band playing).

Going up the Round Tower of Copenhagen

The tower has seven and a half turns in total, and there is nothing left but to walk the spiral round and round until you reach the top. That’s why I said about the physical condition.

And here you can see the toilets that were used a few yesterdays ago. In fact, they told a story that for a long time, the tower smelled bad because the toilet tank was full, and they had to unload several times with trucks to clean it. Luckily, today, those smells are gone. So don’t worry, you can visit it without fear.

baths of aforetime

Reaching the top of the Round Tower in Copenhagen

And when you reach the top, the reward. A beautiful landscape of Copenhagen.

And after admiring the landscape for a while, it was time to go down, it was less painful.

Visiting the showroom

The current exhibition hall, which can only be accessed via the tower ramp, was built to be a university library. Today, plays can be seen and concerts are held.

At the time we visited, we happened to see an exhibition of modern art. What most caught my attention were some mannequins dressed in straws. Then in another room they sold souvenirs, in case you want to buy yours in the heights.

Leaving the tower

Leaving the tower, we were surprised by the rain. These come and go quickly, but always have an umbrella ready. This forced us to take refuge in a cafeteria, where I had a cappuccino and Vincent a hot chocolate. We also ordered a small cake.

Curious fact: that’s where I noticed for the first time that on the tables outside of cafeterias they usually put blankets so that people can sit outside and protect themselves from the cold. Something new for me.

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