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How to get to the Porquerolles island and what to see?

Images of the island of Porquerolles, in southern France. We show you how to go and what can be seen in this beautiful place.

We are going to visit an island in southern France, in the Var. It is small and has less than a thousand inhabitants, but has several places that are worth visiting and beautiful beaches. I won’t tell you more, better come with us to the island of Porquerolles I will tell you how to get there and what can be seen.

Porquerolles map

How to get to the island of Porquerolles?

To get to the island of Porquerolles, the only way is: to take a ferry. You can take it from the port “De la Tour Fondue”, which is located in the town of Hyères.

Check the schedules here. The prices will depend on the month in which you travel:

April and octoberFrom may to septemberFrom november to march
22 €24 €17.70 €
Porquerolles ferry price

What can be seen on the island of Porquerolles?

The center of the town (port, church, etc.)

In the center of the town, you can visit the port, the small Sainte-Anne church, its streets, in which it must be said that there are very little cars. On the island they are not allowed, except for some exceptions and only for the locals.

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Moulin du Bonheur (Mill of Happiness)

It is an old mill, who spent many years inactive. In 2007, it was restored, thanks to an association that sought to preserve the heritage of the island. We were lucky to visit it and despite being small, it is very interesting to see what is inside. Almost everything that is seen inside is made of wood, since it was reconstructed as it was originally.

Moulin du Bonheur

Fort Sainte Agathe

The fort gives you the look at the village and the sea. It has a privileged position. Yes, that’s why they built it there, which allowed everything to be watched. Its walls are about 4 meters wide and in its rooms, currently, aspects of the island’s history are exposed.

Visiting it is worth it, not only for the views, but it is also a time machine to other times much more turbulent.

The fort is located within the “Port Cros National Park” area.

On the island there are other forts, but we could not visit them: Fort de la Repentance, Fort de L’Alycastre, Fort Du Grand Langoustier and Fort Du Petit-Langoustier.

Porquerolles view
The view from the fort

On this island, the ideal is to make walks in the midst of nature. You have to keep your eyes wide open to not miss encounters with the flora and fauna. It can also be traveled by bicycle.


As expected, the island has very beautiful and varied beaches, yes, we cannot say if they are just as pleasant in the high season, since we saw them when the highest season of tourism had already passed.

The sea is a stunning blue color, characteristic of the Côte d’Azur.

If after visiting Porquerolles, you still want more blue sea (I do not blame you because it is gorgeous), you can take this boat ride through the Hyères Bay.

Porquerolles beach

I have to admit that I do not remember the name of the beach where we were in fact, at that time I had not realized that they had a name, here I leave the names of the most beautiful beaches on the island that I could find now:

Porquerolles beach sign
  • Plage d’argent: One of the most beautiful on the island, they say. It’s a sand beach which is one of the most popular (which also translates into: with more people).
  • Plage noire du Langoustier: near Langoustier’s fort, its name is due to the darkness of its sand.
  • Plage Notre Dame: this beach was named in 2015 as the most beautiful in Europe, with that, I tell you everything.
  • Plage du Langoustier: this is not dark sand and is also close to Langoustier Fort.

While we were on the beach, we were able to observe some seagulls that came and went to settle in the water and get carried away by the waves. It was relaxing to observe them.

After a while, we went to the jetty. We did not want to lose the ferry back, since later the only option left was the sea taxi and I did not want to know how much it cost (but I imagined that expensive).

Already on the way back home, we stopped for a moment to photograph the beautiful sunset with which we fired that day on the island of Porquerolles.


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