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Review about Hotel Negresco in Nice

Opinions on the famous Hotel Negresco located on the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.

To celebrate my last birthday, I decided to treat myself to a night in a hotel with a lot of history: the Negresco in Nice. A hotel whose name evokes history, luxury, blue coast. I was very curious to see it inside and discover its corners. Did it meet expectations? Here I tell you.

The location

The Negresco hotel is located on the famous “promenade des anglais” and directly overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, in Nice. As our room faced the sea, it was not necessary to put the television on, as the views from the window were spectacular. Actually, opening the door and seeing that was a shock (but a good one).

How to get to the Negresco hotel?

To get to the Negresco hotel from the “Nice Ville” station: when you leave, cross the street and walk to the left. When you find a street called “rue Berlioz” turn left and go straight until the same street changes its name to “rue Rivoli”, go straight, and you will see the hotel when you reach the promenade des anglais.

By bus: if you come from the airport, any bus that runs along the promenade des anglais will serve to get there.

The reception and the staff

When we arrive at the hotel, a very well-dressed man opens the door for us, smiling. How nice. Then we go to the reception to check in and everything happens easily. They give us a key card and our room number and off we go.

Arriving at Negresco

The room

Special welcome

Opening the room, one feels like in those museum rooms with antique furniture. Those that, generally, cannot be touched. What I love is that this time I could not only touch them, I would sleep there!

As if that were not enough, a cold bottle of champagne and some delicious chocolates were waiting for us. The icing on the cake was having a nice greeting card, enjoying the sea view we tasted the delicacies.

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Ok, I have to admit that this special reception was not only for the fact of going there to celebrate my birthday. Although, it is always good to mention if it is a birthday, since they have details that make the stay more pleasant. As I said, the special reception was also because I booked a promotional winter package which included the room with an ocean view, breakfast and details such as champagne and chocolates in the room. Below I tell you how much it cost.

The Coco Chanel Suite

The room assigned to us was part of the “Coco Chanel 1928 suite” which is divided into two parts. At the Negresco, all the rooms are different. Our room had pink upholstery. The old-style furniture, I think that is the common denominator of the hotel. On that subject of furniture, when I read the reviews I noticed that many people disliked that, being an expensive hotel, the furniture was so old. That is what I loved precisely, feeling that I am in a museum but that I can live it, in short, there are tastes for everything.

Oh! And in the room they give us some slippers that are the most comfortable.


The bathroom is huge, the bathtub gigantic and with Coco Chanel details. I don’t know if the golden color, which freaked me out, is due to her. I found it too flashy, and could say that it is one of the things that I did not love so much about the room.

The price

The price was, as you can imagine, not cheap at all. The package 1 night in a room with a sea view, two breakfasts, champagne and chocolate, for modest 255 euros. Book the Negresco hotel here.

Although I have to say that I don’t regret it since staying at this hotel is like being in a museum (one of the ones I like).

The installations

To access the upper floors, you can use an elevator that, in addition to transporting us from floor to floor, transports us back in time. And so, it is with all the things inside the hotel. They transport us back in time, and sometimes I don’t know if I’m in a hotel or an art gallery. I do not want to dwell too much on this point, since I will take care of it in a separate article. But to get ahead, I leave you with the elevator.

In the elevator


Breakfast is in the carousel-themed restaurant called “La Rotonde“. It has a wide variety of options to leave with a full belly.

Would we recommend this hotel?

It is very difficult not to recommend it, despite the expensive price. If you have the possibility to stay either to celebrate a special occasion, even for one night and if you find an offer like the one I found, don’t hesitate to do it.

In the Negresco

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