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Review about Le Plongeoir Restaurant in Nice

We invite you to discover Le Plongeoir restaurant in the city of Nice. We tell you if it’s worth it and how the service is.

We decided to try this restaurant in Nice, for a special occasion. Vincent had already heard good things about it, we went to see if it would meet expectations. Besides that, “le plongeoir” means trampoline, and it was quite mysterious to see how they would integrate the theme of diving in the restaurant.

Arriving at the restaurant

The restaurant is close to the Lympia port near the historic part of Nice, which is where the ferries leave to go to Corsica, if you come by car it is somewhat difficult to park, but with some patience, you will surely find a place.

Upon arrival, we find a restaurant completely open to the sea, the views captivate us immediately. But already at that time we knew that they would have a price, we should not have any illusions.

The menu of the restaurant Le Plongeoir in Nice

In this restaurant, almost all the dishes served have fish or shellfish, something that is not surprising given the marine theme. There is some other dish with beef and vegetarian.

I leave you the menu here.

menu le plongeoir

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Aperitif overlooking the sea

I no longer remember exactly what was in my drink, but it was excellent, and also that vibrant orange color totally contrasted with the blue of the sea in the Mediterranean. In addition to being rich, it was pretty.

The food and service

No reproach. Although the price is costly, at least it is justified not only by the quality of the dishes, but also the service was excellent. The waiter who served us was a young boy, but very skillful, attentive and kind. We were delighted.

As expected in this type of restaurant, each stage of the meal takes more time, between the starter and the main course, for example, they usually take their time for each thing. As a result, you feel more relaxed, without the pressure of some “fast eat” restaurants, and you also feel completely full.

The decoration

You could see the plates that simulate the “trampolines”, in general, one felt like inside a boat, partly also because of the wooden furniture. And there was something for everyone because eating out doesn’t have to mean “bathing in the sun”, there were places both in the sun and in the shade. But always with the sea view.

Would we recommend this place?

Totally, but we must recognize that it is not to go to eat every week. It is costly, but to celebrate a special occasion, the truth is that it is highly recommended. Of course, I advise you to book to avoid bad surprises.

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