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Things to do in Salon de Provence, the land of Nostradamus

We show you that what are the things to do in Salon de Provence, a city in Provence where Nostradamus is still present.

Salon de Provence is a small town in the Provence region that is visited in a short time. One of the main attractions, or at least what surprised me the most, is everything related to Nostradamus who lived in this city. In this article, we will tell you what are the things to do in Salon de Provence.

How to get to Salon de Provence?

It can be reached by train from Marseille. As we have gone from Arles, which is 40 minutes away, we have used the car. The directions are clear, so it’s hard to get lost.

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What are the things to do in Salon de Provence?

This city is related to airplanes. Here is the headquarters of the French Acrobatic Patrol (PAF). So throughout the city there are statues or things related to airplanes everywhere. For example, this:

Salon Old Town

With its walls dating back a long time, you can go back in time to medieval times. But at the same time, it’s funny to watch the “new” things against the background of such an old place with fortresses that seem to be taken from a fairy tale. And this is how between a pizzeria and an aesthetic one finds one with the clock tower.


Another unavoidable reference in Salon de Provence is Nostradamus, who is known throughout the world for his prophecies. Nostradamus lived and died in this city, today you can visit the House and Museum of Nostradamus.

But apart from that in the city you can see paintings, statues, in short, several references to this illustrious character of the city.

Romanesque Church of Saint Michael

Church of style between Romanesque and Provençal Gothic, built in the 13th century. I couldn’t see it inside as it was closed. But this Church is among the monuments that are recommended to be seen in this city, it has been classified as a Historical Monument in 1983.

Iglesia románica de San Miguel
Romanesque Church of Saint Michael

Castle of the Emperi

One of the largest medieval castles in Provence. It was built between the 12th and 13th centuries. This time I can’t tell you if they charge to enter since I visited the gardens, and they didn’t charge me anything.

The City Hall

The town hall building has a nice facade. If you are a fan, like me, of taking a photo of the flags, you can do it here since there are all the flags that are needed (the region, the country, the EU). Also, adjacent to the building there is a beautiful garden where if you are lucky you can see newlywed couples taking their wedding photos. The day I went, there was no one.

Salon de Provence, a city worth visiting on a short trip

As I mentioned previously, this city can be visited quickly, but if you have the opportunity to pass through the area, I recommend it. For Nostradamus fans, it is a must.

And to finish, I leave you this funny traffic light that we found when leaving. Sad face – red, Happy face – green.

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