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Things to do around Mont Saint Michel?

In this article we are going to tell the things to do around Mont Saint Michel, so that you get the most out of your visit.

Mont Saint Michel is one of the most famous monuments in France, we can find it in the Normandy region and visiting it will not leave you indifferent. But, after touring its streets, its bay and its abbey, what else can we see? Here we tell you the things to do around Mont Saint Michel.

The pedestrian walkway

It is a route of just over 2 km, it is the same path that the buses follow but in a part dedicated to pedestrians. It takes something like half an hour to get to the viewpoint of the dam, but in reality it takes one more, since every ten meters we stop to take photos of the view of Mont Saint Michel.

The galleries of Mont Saint Michel

Great area before traveling the road to Mont Saint Michel, it is here where the parking lot, the Tourist Office, shops, restaurants and even hotels are located. It is worth walking around for a while and taking photos with the nice colorful cows that are everywhere.

The Dam and Viewpoint

In this area we can sit for a while, and if we arrive at the time when the floodgates open (the hours can be seen at the tourist office), we can see how the water of the Couesnon River is released. Also, from here you can capture more images of the famous monument.

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And we cannot deny that it is very photogenic. That is why it is also important to know what are the things to do around Mont Saint Michel, so we can capture it from different angles.

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Moidrey’s Mill

This nice mill is located about 5 km from Mont Saint Michel and dates back to 1806. Although it remained in oblivion for more than a century, it was restored in 2003, and today you can visit it and even buy some flour that’s actually made in it.

The price to visit the mill is 2.50 euros.

Pelodyte trail (sentier des pélodytes)

From the town of Beauvoir, where we stayed to be close to Mont Saint Michel, you can take this route of about 6 – 7 km. It takes you through green meadows, views of the Couesnon river, a visit to some small swamps where we can look for the frogs in the area and see many birds.

We did the tour on foot, but there were also many who did it by bicycle, highly recommended.

Menhir du Champ Dolent

Located about 27 km from Mont Saint Michel, we can visit this mysterious rock about which there are several stories, of which we do not know which is true.

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Here we tell you more about visiting this menhir: Visiting the Menhir du Champ Dolent in Brittany (in spanish)

Alligator Bay

In the village of Beauvoir, it is possible to visit the crocodiles in this zoo dedicated to this and other reptiles. We did not visit it. But we thought it was a good idea to share its existence in case any fan of these species would like to come by to say hello.

The entrance costs 14 euros.

If you have more time:

Saint Malo

Located about 56 km from Mont Saint Michel, it is no longer so close, but if you have time it is worth taking a walk around this city that has a very well-preserved historic center. Walking through its streets transports us back to the times of the corsairs.

Here we tell you more about what you can see in the city: What to see in St Malo? the corsair city (in Spanish)

Château de Fougeres

About 45 km from Mont Saint Michel, we can visit this castle in the city of Fougères, which has the title of being the largest Castle-Fort in all of France, with more than two hectares. You can visit and tour its towers, although some may be closed for repairs.

During the visit they will tell us what life was like when the castle was working. In addition to the legends of characters such as Melusine, the snake woman.

The entrance costs 9 euros.

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