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6 ideas to travel while staying home

We bring you 6 ideas to travel while staying home, you can visit monuments and incredible places without moving from your couch. Come with us!

In these times when traveling has become somewhat complicated, we bring you some ideas to better cope with the situation. We are going to travel, but without leaving home. It is possible and we show you how with these six ideas to travel while staying home.

Travel while staying home, sounds crazy isn’t it?

Whether by precaution, for various situations or simply because it is prohibited, there may be times when physically traveling is not an option. But that’s no reason to repress our traveling soul, for that we will simply have to travel while staying home, waiting for the time when we can do it leaving home. Although it sounds like a crazy idea, in reality it is not and with these ideas you will see why.

1. Visit extraordinary places from your sofa

Something that was already being promoted in several countries, but that now with the situation took even more strength and sense. We are talking about virtual tours, a tool that allows you to explore a monument or museum from the comfort of your home. Perfect to discover or find yourself in a special place. Do not miss the opportunity to visit places from your computer or your phone, here is a list of 10 places that offer virtual tours to begin with.

Recorridos virtuales Chichen Itza
Discover Chichén Itzá, thanks to virtual tours

2. Let yourself be transported by the seventh art

Cinema has led us to unusual situations, imaginary universes or times of the past. So thinking of it as a tool, which will help us travel from the sofa and without leaving the house, is not a very crazy idea. Rather, it is something that falls quite naturally into place. You just have to know where you want to go, to choose the movies.

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For example, you can travel to India with this selection of 5 movies that will take you to India without leaving home.

3. Relive past trips

Many say that remembering is living, and nothing more true. Use the memories of your past trips to relive them, how to do it? Here are some ideas:

  • Print some photos to make a board that you will hang somewhere in your house, you can print them online so that they arrive directly at your house.
  • Collect the tickets, brochures, postcards of your trips and make a scrapbook, a nice way to relive your trips. The creative possibilities are endless.
  • Are your traveling photo files a mess? That can’t be 🙂 Give yourself time to organize them by date / city / country, you will see what nice memories they will bring you when you see them.

To print photos I recommend: the #LALALAB application https://ulink.lalalab.com/2Vuj. Enjoy 5 euros discount, with my code PGRPJB37

Remembering is living

4. Seek inspiration

A very productive way to spend time is by building momentum for when you can make the leap. The fact that we cannot move much at a certain time does not mean that it will always be that way. To take ideas, take inspiration from other people’s experiences. A perfect place for this are travel blogs or travel forums.

In these places, travelers tell you about their travel experiences, as well as practical information (if they are present). It is a big difference compared to travel guides, which are more focused on precisely guiding those who have already made the decision to visit a certain place and need instructions. In a travel blog, we will also tell you about our personal experience, how we feel in the place, what was transmitted to us, etc.

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To start exploring travel blogs, obviously, we recommend starting with Charcotrip 🙂 . Just select the country you want to start with in the top menu or use the search section, for example, if you want to see articles about “Masai mara” or about “food” everything will appear there.

5. Update your travel wish list

Once you’ve been drenched in inspiration, keep building up to get ready to take the leap – update your traveling wish list. Surely in this period you will discover new places that you would like to know personally. Write them down, make a list, writing something down on paper is the first step in making it happen.

Where do you want to go?
Let’s make our list

6. Learn a new language

This point may seem unrelated, but it can instead. I tell you, I love visiting Japan, I am always looking at the time to return, between one and another travel. But despite having visited the country several times already, I was not able to read anything, just say a few words. In the summer of 2019, I started using the Duolingo app to practice Japanese (but there are many other apps of this type). I am aware that I do not have a level to talk, but when I returned to Japan in December 2019 I already felt a difference, I was able to read some written things and I was very excited.

I tell you all this because practicing Japanese made my wait to return to the country less long. It filled me with enthusiasm and I felt close to Japan even when I was away. I could say that I managed to travel to Japan without leaving home while learning the language. So, if you already have the project of visiting a country, in the time you wait to be able to go, you can start practicing the language. Even if it is not to be on a bilingual level or anything like that, at least to feel closer to that place and less lost when you arrive.

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If you want to try the Duolingo app, you can download it here.

Aprendiendo japones
I write worse than a child, but I feel proud

I hope these ideas have helped you to calm your soul thirsty for discovering the world a little. Always remember that the mind is powerful and do not be overwhelmed by the limitations of the moment.

Let’s travel, even without leaving home 🙂

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