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Easter holidays dates for 2024

We tell you what the dates of the next Easter period are, as well as tips on what to do during this period of celebration.

After winter, a period that can be difficult, spring arrives and with it the Easter holidays, and they are expected by many, for different reasons, which we are all interested in knowing on what dates they are celebrated so that we are not caught off guard. Here we will tell you when they start.

What is celebrated in Holy Week?

Many are excited by the arrival of Holy Week because it implies a vacation period, more or less long. The first of the year. Others for the religious celebration that takes place around the Passion of Christ.

Holy Week has its origins in the fourth and fifth centuries, when the faithful carried out pilgrimages from Europe to the holy land, which is today the territory of Israel, with the aim of visiting the places where Jesus Christ spent his life and where he was crucified. With this, it is clear that the origin of this celebration is purely religious.

Why does the date of Holy Week change?

Have you ever wondered why the Easter holidays dates never fall on the same day every year? At least I did, and more than once. The answer is found by looking up at the sky: on the moon. This is because Easter is governed by the lunar calendar.

The discrepancy between the lunar calendar and the solar calendar, which is the one we follow, means that Easter always falls on different dates. Because of this, the start of Holy Week is dated based on Easter falling on the Sunday following the first full moon of spring.

Why does Easter follow the lunar calendar?

The reason is found in the celebration of the Jewish Passover because it was during this celebration that Jesus gathered his disciples at the Last Supper. In turn, the Jewish Passover or Pesach is the celebration of the freedom of the Hebrew people after the slavery of Egypt.

Pesach is celebrated each year on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, which begins on the first full moon of spring. The 1st Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, held in the year 325, determined that Easter should be celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. With this, it was possible to ensure that the Jewish Passover and Holy Week never coincided.

Are the Easter holidays compulsory?

Depending on each country, there are days that are not traditionally worked, due to uses and customs. Let’s see some of them:

  • Mexico: Most Holy Week celebrations are concentrated on Holy Thursday and Holy Sunday. Some companies can give those days to their workers, but they are not required to do so by law. In schools, there are two weeks of vacation.
  • United States: Easter is not a congressionally approved holiday, so people go to work or school as normal. In schools, there is spring break, which has nothing to do with these religious dates, but on certain occasions it can coincide.
  • Spain: Holy Sunday and Holy Friday are public holidays throughout the country, the rest of Holy Week is not required by law. There may be more holidays related to Easter, and it will depend on the autonomous community where you are.
  • France: Easter Monday is the only public holiday. In the school there is a period of two weeks of spring break, but they are not due to Easter and their dates may or may not coincide with this celebration.

When does Easter start in 2024?

In 2024 Holy Week officially begins on March 22, Palm Sunday, until the following Sunday, March 30, Easter Sunday.

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Easter holidays in Mexico

It is a date on which, we know, most people will look for a beach destination. This is why I am going to ignore this recommendation by giving you other options.

If you live in Mexico and don’t want to travel far for the Easter holidays, since you only have a few days, you can take a tour of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and León to explore their colorful colonial buildings.

Another option, in the center of Mexico, is the cities of Querétaro and San Luis Potosí. Or if you want to get to know the south of the country, you can spend a few days in Oaxaca, there is also the possibility of going to the Yucatán peninsula and exploring Mérida. From there you can take the opportunity to visit archaeological sites such as Uxmal, Kabah and, of course, Chichen Itzá (although you have to go very early as they may be very crowded).

We must not forget the capital of the country as an option to travel, or even, if you live there, give yourself an opportunity to be a tourist in your city. The city is usually empty on these dates, since many people go to beach destinations for the Easter holidays. Take some ideas from the article that we have dedicated to CDMX: Weekend in CDMX, how to take advantage of the time? Also, please keep in mind that very close to the city is the site of Teotihuacán.

Spend the Easter holidays in another country

If you have the two weeks that they give in schools, you can organize a trip around Europe and take the opportunity to get to know cities like Paris, Bruges and many others that we leave you in our list of the 10 most beautiful cities in Europe. Of course, consider that in many places they will be on vacation for the same reason, this will be reflected in more visitors and higher prices.

Bruges Town Hall

If you want to go even further and take advantage of this period to go to Japan, just make sure that the Easter holidays do not coincide with Golden Week. This is the strongest holiday period in the country and everything will be full of people and more expensive.

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