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Free walking tours in Europe, do not miss them!

We bring you a list of the best free tours in Europe, a perfect way to save money and discover a city.

If you are going to travel around Europe, do not forget to take the free tours, also known as “Free Walking Tours”. These are available in practically all the European capitals and the most popular cities, they constitute a great opportunity to be able to contact the city when you arrive. Here we’ll list the free tours of the main cities in Europe so that you have them at hand when planning your trip to the Old Continent.

What does a Free Tour consist of?

These are tours that, in general, must be booked in advance, sometimes a day before is enough. They last between 2 – 3 hours and consist of walking around the city, the guide will stop at important points where he will give us information and anecdotes.

It must be taken into account that due to the nature of the tour, in general, you will not enter the monuments. For example: if you go through a museum, the group will stop, the guide will tell what is inside and others but you will not enter to visit it. At the end of this tour we will have a very good idea of which are the important points of the visited area and thus we will be able to decide what to visit during our stay.

Canal tours

But… are these waking tours in Europe really free?

The title can give some fear or distrust, I know, and we are going to clarify: yes, it is free. There is no charge for doing the tour (that is why it is called “free”). But what is recommended is to tip the guide at the end of the tour, always taking into account what the tour has given us and our possibilities as well.

When I was a student, I did a free tour in Budapest and yes, I have to admit that at that time my tip was much less than what I have left on other occasions, when I was working and earning money. If you did not like the tour at all, it goes without saying that you are not going to leave a tip since it is based on the satisfaction of the traveler.

Best price: FREE

Best free walking Tours in Europe

We put them in alphabetical order by country:

Austria Austria

ViennaFree tour of Vienna

Belgium Belgium

AntwerpFree tour of Antwerp
BrugesFree tour of Bruges
BrusselsFree tour of Brussels
GhentFree tour of Ghent

Czechia Czech Republic

PragueFree tour of Prague

Denmark Denmark

CopenhaguenCopenhaguen Free Walking tour

Finland Finland

HelsinkiFree tour of Helsinki

France France

BordeauxFree tour of Bordeaux
StrasbourgFree tour of Strasbourg
NiceFree tour of Nice
ParisFree tour of Montmartre
Free tour of Paris
ToulouseFree tour of Toulouse

Germany Germany

BerlinFree tour of Berlin
MunichFree tour of Munich
HamburgHamburg Old Town Free Tour
CologneFree Walking Tour of Cologne
FrankfurtFree tour of Frankfurt
DresdenFree tour of Dresden
HeidelbergFree tour of Heidelberg
LeipzigFree tour of Leipzig

Hungary Hungary

BudapestFree tour of Budapest

Ireland Ireland

DublinFree tour of Dublin

Italy Italy

FlorenceFree tour of Florencia
MilanFree Walking Tour of Milan
PalermoFree tour of Palermo
RomeFree tour of Rome

Poland Poland

KrakowFree tour of Krakow
WarsawFree tour of Warsaw

Portugal Portugal

LisbonFree tour of Lisbon
PortoFree tour of Porto

Russia Romania

BucharestFree tour of Bucharest

Spain Spain

BarcelonaFree tour of Barcelona
GranadaFree tour of Granada
MadridFree tour of Madrid
Saint SebastianFree tour of Saint Sebastian
SevilleFree tour of Seville

Sweden Sweden

StockholmFree tour of Stockholm

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom

LondonFree Walking tour of London
LiverpoolFree tour of Liverpool

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