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Is it weird to travel alone? Why you should not fear to do it

Traveling alone can be daunting, but with the right tips and tricks, you’ll be able to explore the world on your own without any fear.

Are you asking yourself if it is weird, or strange, to have the idea of making a travel alone? Well, if that’s the case, you’re not the only person with doubts! Solo traveling can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and you shouldn’t be afraid to take the first step. From gaining confidence in your ability to navigate unfamiliar places to meeting people from different cultures, the rewards of solo travel are almost limitless.

Let this article be your guide as we explore why you shouldn’t fear solo travel and the wonderful opportunities it can offer you.

Traveling solo is something that can be terrifying for many. Setting aside the destination, which may involve more or less risk, embarking on a solo trip means being with oneself and no one else. It also means being prepared for everything, the good and the not so good, that may come and being able to face it all on your own.

How good is it to travel alone?

Traveling alone can be a wonderful and enriching experience, although, of course, it will always depend on you and your personal preferences. Some of the advantages of traveling alone include:

  • Freedom to do what you want: When traveling alone, you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s preferences or needs, which allows you the flexibility to design your itinerary and explore at your own pace.
  • Opportunity to meet new people and make friends: When traveling alone, you are more likely to meet other travelers and locals, which can lead to the creation of new friendships and connections.
  • Self-discovery and personal growth: Traveling alone can be an opportunity to discover new things about yourself and your way of interacting with the world. It can also be an opportunity to overcome fears or challenge your personal limits.

Overcoming fear and anxiety of solo travel

Understanding the causes of anxiety when traveling alone

Traveling alone can be overwhelming, especially for those who have never done it before. The fear of the unknown can trigger anxiety in many people.

However, understanding the causes of this anxiety can help you overcome your fears and enjoy the benefits of solo travel.

What scares you about traveling alone?

  • You don’t have someone waiting for you upon arrival: depending on your personal situation, it can be somewhat depressing to arrive at the airport and have no one waiting for you. And no one is coming with you. That feeling that if you don’t move by yourself, you won’t make it to the hotel.
  • You don’t have anyone to talk to about what you’re seeing: it happens that you see something wonderful, you say wow, but you have no one to tell it to at that moment.
  • Security: “something’s going to happen to me”, that’s the fear we all have on many occasions, something that can range from hurting yourself or being robbed to being kidnapped or worse. Maybe you might think that traveling alone makes you more exposed.
  • I don’t know how to read a map: that’s the perfect time to learn, or at least try! In any case, remember that there are many travel apps that can help you.

Another cause may be social pressures or fear of feeling alone during a trip. People who travel alone may also feel overwhelmed by decision-making, as they don’t have anyone to consult.

Other excuses

Don’t let yourself be discouraged by these reasons that rather seem like excuses not to travel alone:

  • I don’t have anyone to take a photo of me: now there are selfie sticks, use them!
  • I don’t have anyone to help me carry my suitcase: pack light.
  • Not only that, but I don’t know how to speak the language of the place: and do your friends? Probably not, the thing is that when you’re with someone, you dare more. If you don’t speak the language of the place, there’s always the universal language of signs, try it out!
Teatro antiguo Arles
There are always ways to take the photo, the trick is to figure out how

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How to overcome the fear of traveling alone and avoid feeling weird?

  • Firstly, it’s important to mentally prepare yourself to have a good time, even if it’s a business trip. Encourage yourself to go outside, walk around, and get familiar with the surroundings. Talk to people, whether they are locals or other tourists, to feel connected to the place.
  • Don’t forget to take it easy, sit and watch the hustle and bustle of the place. Take your time, no one is rushing you, take all the pictures you want. Enjoy that cup of coffee with absolute tranquility.
  • Look at it as an opportunity to do things that you can’t do when you’re accompanied, such as browsing through a used bookstore and reading a book.
  • Another way to overcome fears of traveling alone is to start small. Take a day trip or a weekend getaway on your own before venturing further from home. This will help build confidence and make you feel more comfortable being alone in unfamiliar places.
  • If you’re scared or depressed about arriving at your destination and having no one waiting for you, try to arrange with your hotel for someone to pick you up. It’s not the same as having a friend or loved one waiting for you, but it helps to alleviate the feeling.
  • Plan your trip in advance so that you don’t appear hesitant on the street. This will reduce the stress of something happening to you. You have to show a confident attitude and movements.
  • Look at this trip as an opportunity to get to know yourself better. When you return, you’ll have many stories to tell, and you’ll feel mighty for having accomplished it.

Where can I travel alone?

There are many destinations around the world that can be quite friendly to solo travelers and provide a safe and enriching experience. One of those destinations is Japan, where the culture values respect and hospitality towards visitors. Those who travel alone can enjoy exploring bustling cities like Tokyo or serene gardens in Kyoto without feeling out of place.

Another incredible destination for solo travel in Europe is Amsterdam. This vibrant city has a relaxed atmosphere that makes it easy to navigate as a solo traveler. You can bike or take canal tours while exploring impressive architecture and art museums.

Another highly recommended city is Berlin, which offers both history and modernity with its iconic places like the Brandenburg Gate or the Berlin Wall, but also contemporary art scenes scattered everywhere.

Trips that may force you to travel alone

These are the reasons why you could, perhaps, take a solo trip at least once in your life and if you still wonder “is it weird to travel alone” you will have the answer by yourself:

Business trip

You have been sent to a course or mission in another city or country. No colleagues are going with you. Yes, you will see people at the workplaces where you are, but after working hours, you will be alone. It happened to me several times. The first time, I took a plane from California to Philadelphia.

Letrero de LOVE en Filadelfia

Study abroad trip

A bit more extreme than the previous one. Continuing your studies in another country, how exciting! But no one is going with you, you have to be brave and not be afraid. That’s what I thought when I quit my job in Mexico to go study in Italy.

Contest trip

This is unlikely, since nowadays, when they give a prize trip, they give at least two spots. But let’s see, if they gave you a trip just for you, would you dare to refuse it?, me I said, “of course I take it” and I embarked on a trip to Panama.

Walking through the kiosk

A trip that you’re dying to take but no one wants or can go with you

Let’s put ourselves in a context where you have saved money, vacation days, and have a great desire to go, for example, to Japan.

Due to various reasons, your friends, partner, or family are not as excited about it or don’t have the saved money or vacation days.

Again, the question is: what do you do? Do you miss out on visiting that place you have been eagerly wanting to see, since no one can go with you? Will the question “is it weird to travel alone?” will keep hunting you and feeding your fears?

I’ve experienced it several times myself, but in the context of concerts, some of which were outside my city. Let’s just say I had somewhat eccentric, some might say weird, musical tastes for my circle of friends at that time. Many times I ended up not going because no one wanted to go with me.

One day, I had a revelation: why should I deprive myself just because no one wants to accompany me? I took the bus and went to a city three hours away from mine, just to see my favorite band in concert!

Another category of solo travel

Without being properly said, it’s when you go to visit someone in another place. Upon arrival and staying, you’re not alone.

But then you want to visit nearby places or cities and your host has to work.

You take the bus, train, etc. and go explore. A solo walk.

Some examples of this were during my visits to Aguascalientes, Montreal, among others.

Ardilla Jardin de San Marcos
Unforgivable, it would have been, to miss out on the squirrels in the San Marcos Garden in Aguascalientes, Mexico. All if I hadn’t been encouraged to take the bus and go to that city alone.

An adventure you won’t forget

In conclusion, doing a travel alone can be an experience that changes your life for the better, and it is not weird at all to do it!

It will allow you to discover yourself and the world around you in ways that are impossible when you are surrounded by familiar faces.

Enjoy the freedom, challenge yourself, and don’t be afraid to explore new places so that you never have to wait for someone to accompany you to make your dreams come true.

Libreria Filadelfia
Imagine, I would have missed out on this beautiful bookstore in Philadelphia where I spent hours, reading books in several languages, and talking to several people.

Share your experience with us if you have already traveled alone, or tell us why it scares you? Does it make you feel weird, the idea of doing it?

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