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Archaeological Museum of Delphi, what to see and opening hours?

Visit to the archaeological museum of Delphi, a perfect complement to the visit of the site. Do not miss the statues of the sanctuary of Apollo.

After visiting the Sanctuary of Apollo, we returned to the town of Delphi, making a stop at the Delphi Archaeological Museum. As we told you in the previous article, the ticket we bought for the archaeological site included a visit to the museum as well, so here we didn’t pay more. And here too there were countless cat guides, only this time they didn’t enter the museum.

Y aquí mas guías XD estos descansan en la sección del museo (afuera del museo, no adentro)... los gatos abundan por todas partes :)
And here more guides XD these rest in the museum section (outside the museum, not inside)

Practical information to visit Archaeological Museum of Delphi

Which are the schedules?

Keep in mind, you have to hurry, so they don’t close, again, since we went in winter, they close early (at 3 PM). At the entrance they have lockers where you can leave your coats and backpacks (they are free) perfect because the museum was at a fairly good temperature.

Can you take photos?

Fortunately, in this museum you can take photos.

The museum has lobby add-ons, cafeteria and shop services for visitors.

Do not miss it!

Perhaps to many it seems boring to go to the museum, but in this case, it is really necessary because the pieces exhibited here are those that were found in the Sanctuary. Let’s say that the Sanctuary and the Museum are two pieces of the same puzzle. In the sanctuary you see where things should be and in the museum you see those things, what has been rescued of them.

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What to see in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi?

The museum, founded in 1903, is one of the most visited in the country. In total, there are fourteen rooms divided into two floors. Here are exhibited above all sculptures, including the famous Charioteer of Delphi and architectural elements or offerings. In addition to the exhibition, which is 2,270 square meters, the funds and conservation rooms occupy spaces that reach 558 square meters. In short, a lot of space dedicated to these pieces so that they are available for visitors to see.

We also saw Cleobis and Biton, two nude male figures; the work of the sculptor Polimedes of Argos. They are from around the year 600 BC.

Some of the exhibited figures were in display cases, like this lion, in which you can even see the painted fretwork.

León en vitrina con grecas pintadas
Lion in display case

And here is a model of what the archaeological site was like, to give us an idea of what it was like:

Maqueta Delfos
Delphi model

And when we were leaving, I took a picture of the Tholos site in the distance, since unfortunately, there was not enough time to go there and return to eat and take the truck.

Este es el monumento que aparece en muchas tarjetas postales de Delfos
This is the monument that appears on many postcards of Delphi

And from there we returned to the town to eat and take one last lap.

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