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Museum of Greek Folk Instruments in Athens

We are going to show you what you see on a visit to the Museum of Greek Folk Instruments, with free admission.

The Museum of Greek Folk Instruments in Athens is a hidden gem, and its collection includes everything from lutes and fiddles to bagpipes and flutes. The instruments are displayed alongside photos and videos of them being played. It’s a fascinating glimpse into Greece’s musical heritage. We’ll show you what you can see there.

Before taking the bus to Delphi, we took the opportunity to visit the Museum of Greek Popular Instruments in Athens. A small museum, but no less interesting for that, which helps us discover Greek musical history.

Where is the Museum of Greek Folk Instruments?

The museum is located next to the Roman Agora, in the Plaka district. Nearest metro station is Monastiraki using lines 1 or 3.

The Museum of Greek Folk Instruments is housed in a building that was built in 1840. The building is a display of architecture from the times of king Otto and is one of the oldest in the neighborhood.

Information to visit the Museum of Greek Folk Instruments

How much is it?

The best price FREE

Which are the schedules?

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 10 AM to 2 PM and Wednesday from 12 PM to 6 PM

Can you take photos?


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In 1978, Fivos Anoyanakis, musicologist and pioneer researcher of traditional Greek music, donated his unique collection of 1,200 musical instruments and sound-emitting objects, his library and his precious archive to the Greek State.
The museum was founded in 1991 and is located in the former residence of military man and scholar Georgios Lassanis.
It was built with material left over from the construction of King Otto’s palace.

Our visit to the Museum of Greek Folk Instruments

The museum is distributed on three floors, in which you can see musical instruments of all kinds, along with headphones where you can listen to the melodies formed by them, very folkloric!

The instruments are grouped depending on the sound they emit and their composition.

For example, we saw such peculiar little guitars that are made from tortoise shells, when I saw them my jaw dropped. There were also stands to listen to the different instruments of Greek folklore.

There are other, less exotic instruments on display such as tambourines, clay drums, bagpipes, lutes and violins.

Also in the rooms you can see drawings of traditional Greek costumes, but the “modern” ones not those of Greek mythology, you can see a lot of similarity with Turkish costumes.

Trajes tradicionales y música griega

It is worth mentioning that this visit takes place in a short time and is perfect to complement a visit to a larger monument or in case it starts to rain.

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