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Grand Bazaar of Isfahan, shopping in Iran

A visit to the grand bazaar in Isfahan, Iran, is a nice shopping experience. You can find everything from spices to carpets.

The Grand Bazaar of Isfahan is a historic market, one of the biggest and oldest in Iran. The bazaar is a great place to find Iranian souvenirs, spices, and traditional clothing. Visitors to the bazaar will also find a wide variety of carpet shops. The bazaar is open daily, and is an excellent place to experience the culture and shopping of Iran. Let’s make a tour!

A bit of history about the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan

The Grand Bazaar was built during the 11th century, on the south-west wing of Jameh Mosque and Kohneh Square, but additional arcades and rooms were added to it. Present-day remnants are from the Safavid period. This bazaar is a two kilometer street linking the old city with the new.

We cannot leave Isfahan without telling you about its bazaar. Where you can walk, see things calmly and once you have decided to make good purchases.

Shopping in the Isfahan Grand Bazaar

I have to admit that after how annoying pushy the vendors were in the souk in Marrakech, I was a little apprehensive about entering the Isfahan bazaar. With the fear that the harassing history would repeat itself.

Nothing is further from reality, this bazaar is something else. Here you can walk quietly, when you come to ask the price, and they tell you, without further ado. Many times the price is already marked, the carpet sellers invite you for tea, and they really make you just watch without harassing you. In short, the experience is much more pleasant.

If you want to make a visit with complete explanations through Isfahan, do not miss this private tour of Isfahan with a guide.

We walk quietly and protected from the elements
We walk quietly and protected from the elements

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Touring the bazaar

Do not hesitate to buy here: postcards, handicrafts (which you can see right there how they are painted), keychains and magnets. And when I say don’t hesitate, I’m serious, since buying souvenirs is an activity that in certain places in Iran can become difficult since there are not so many.

This is the perfect place to do your shopping in Iran, either for yourself or as a gift to your friends and family.

We entered one of the stores that had some little boxes made of camel bone, they were painted with a very nice detail, but the price, ohhh, was approximately 50 euros for a little box, expensive. By saying no thanks, there was no pressure to buy oh what a treat!

Of course, if you like hard core bargaining, you will feel somewhat disappointed. Things must be said as they are.

Something that obviously could not be missing in a bazaar in Iran: headscarves, there are all colors and for all tastes. They are not ugly at all, I’ve been conquered and bought one (but not in this bazaar).

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