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Visiting Azadi Tower, a symbol in Teheran

One of the most outstanding symbols of Teheran. That is what the Azadi Tower is without a doubt. We will tell you how to visit it.

We were visiting one of the most outstanding symbols of Teheran: the Azadi Tower. This was one of the images of this city that was chasing me and that had to be seen in person.

Information to visit the Azadi Tower

What are the opening times?
From 9:00AM till 12:00PM and from 1:30PM till 5:00PM

How much is it?
The price we paid was 150,000 Rials per person

Can you take pictures?
Yes, you have to take advantage of being in the heights to shoot, shoot and shoot.

A bit of history about the Azadi Tower

The Azadi Tower (برج آزادی, in Farsi, meaning “Freedom Tower”) was built in the 1970s to commemorate 2,500 years of the Persian empire. The previous name it had was in honor of the Shah, but then after the revolution the name was obviously changed, leaving Azadi.

It is located on the outskirts of the city, very close to the Mehrabad airport (which is the one used for domestic flights). Its plaza is a meeting point for the Iranians and the truth is that despite being in the midst of vehicular chaos, entering that plaza where the tower is is like entering a bubble where the whistles of cars do not reach you, but yes, to get to it you have to cross the street which, as I already showed you in this video can be a dangerous mission!

How to get to the Azadi Tower

We took the subway (line 4) and get off at the Meydan-e Azadi station (do not confuse it with the station called only Azadi, which is not in that area).

As we left the station we saw a lot of taxis, but we ignored them since the tower is a few steps away. We saw it in the distance and we went towards it but we had to cross the street, but we were already getting practice.

Allá veíamos nuestro objetivo, pero antes había que cruzar todo eso
There we saw our objective, but before we had to cross all that

Our visit to the Azadi Tower Plaza

Can you take pictures?
Yes, in the square you can take pictures without any problem. We took photos until we got tired.

Once in the square you can see many Iranian flags and also pictures alluding to the soldiers. Another thing that can be seen and is very beautiful are the mountains that were not far away as can be seen in the images.

And now if without further ado here we present you to the Azadi Tower:

We were already there, we were not going to stay without seeing the tower inside and better yet: UP

Vamos a la torre
Let’s go to the tower

Entering the Azadi Tower

Upon entering you will see several gems of all colors and old jewelry. There were many turquoise. But we would see that later, first to go up since it was a little late. Luckily they have an elevator.

If you have a camera with a more or less powerful zoom, you will love being upstairs, you will be able to take pictures of the buildings, the streets, the cars, those things that being on the ground can be a bit self-conscious about taking out the camera blatantly: D (or in some places it may be forbidden)

Tehran from above

Well and after taking the second elevator we were at the highest part of the tower. Tehran was like an open book.

Going down the tower

Oh nooo 🙁 it is already late and we have to go, no way, we have to take the elevator again. There is a section where you have to change the elevator and you can see the star of the tower.

Well we are on the ground floor again, we go to an area where they sell souvenirs and they had these flags.

Muchas banderas
Many flags

And here is a recommendation: the best magnets in all of Iran, I found them here, I bought such a beautiful Azadi Tower refrigerator magnet and it cost me 80,000 rials. Seriously if you come here and collect magnets buy it here which was the best I found 🙂

Finally we took a tour of the display of gems of all colors and flavors.

Museo de piedras preciosas
Gemstone museum

And it was time to go, I really did not want, I did not want to say goodbye to what is now one of my favorite towers.

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