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Japanese signs – Gallery

We will show you a gallery of Japanese ads, they are so different from all the others we know.

We bring you a selection of japanese signs on the street. But it’s not about monuments, temples, or natural beauties. This time we bring things from daily life. Something that is part of the daily life of the Japanese.

Japanese advertising signs do not go unnoticed, it is true that a poster of this type is made precisely to be seen. But in the land of the rising sun they take this to another level.

In the gallery that we present below, we bring pictures of signs that are business of daily life. Almost all of them were taken in the city of Fukuoka. There is nothing extravagant, you will see that almost everything uses quite cheerful drawings. That style means that, for one who is not used to it, these Japanese signs are far from going unnoticed.

Letrero de farmacia japonesa
Dentista japones
Letrero de farmacia japonesa Dentista japones

I left this photo out of the gallery, since it includes several advertisements in one, which are all important. But it is important to observe how the drawings are used:

Letreros japoneses

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We saw this at the entrance of a self-service store (konbini). The little heart with legs is to support people in case of an emergency such as tremor when they cannot take public transport and have to walk a long distance home, you can ask for any help to drink water, use the bathroom in that conbini. The yellow with red sign is advertising to promote the protection of children, for example, if there are attempts to kidnap or rape, children can come to the conbinis to ask for help. 110 is the telephone number to call the police.

What is the advertising sign that most caught your attention?

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