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What is Gotochi Kitty?, one of the best souvenirs from Japan

Discover the Gotochi Kitty, one of the cutest souvenirs from Japan! We tell you why it will become your favorite and how to get it.

Are you looking for something unique to take home as a souvenir from your trip to Japan? There is a very adorable option available and it is called Gotochi Kitty. This cute and cuddly souvenir associated with Hello Kitty, who is one of the most well-known characters in Japan and worldwide, has already won many fans for being so kawaii and unique in design. Among which we count ourselves. We are going to tell what is this original souvenir, and we will share with you our Gotochi Kitty collection.

What is Gotochi Kitty?

The Gotochi Kitty is a series of Hello Kitty merchandise that comes in different designs, costumes, and accessories depending on the regions of Japan.

The word “gotochi” means local or regional, so each Gotochi Kitty represents a specific area in Japan. For example, a Gotochi Kitty from Kyoto will be dressed in a maiko kimono, while a Gotochi Kitty from Osaka has references to takoyaki, a typical Kansai food.

What kind of products are available?

The most common Gotochi Kitty are keychains and charms. There are also small towels, stuffed animals, stationery and sweets.

In my personal case, I have decided to collect the Gotochi Kitty charms, since they are small.

“Gotochi” means “local” in Japanese.

Where can you buy the Gotochi Kitty?

These cute products can be purchased at souvenir shops, at the different monuments you visit, train stations, convenience stores, and sometimes even at temples.

How much do they cost?

Charms can cost anywhere from 550 to 700 yen. That is, they cost more or less what a magnet costs in Europe. The thing is, the price may increase even more because you may want to buy more than one in the place you visit, since there can be many variations and they are all beautiful!

Why are they a souvenir that you will love?

You will love them as they are small, making them easy to transport, and they come in a wide variety of beautiful designs. Each charm has amazing details that make them look even more special.

From Hello Kitty costumes with animals, to flowers and typical Japanese costumes, they will be a perfect collection and a nice souvenir of your trip to Japan.

What if I don’t like Hello Kitty?

While it is true that Hello Kitty is very popular around the world, it may not be a character that you like. In my case, I have to say that she seems pretty to me, but I’m not especially a fan (as if I am of characters like Gudetama, Naruto, etc.).

But something special happens with the Gotochi Kitty, even without being an avid collector of Hello Kitty objects, these souvenirs, having such a special design of the place that I have visited, have a different meaning, I don’t know how to explain it, but it makes me want to have them all.

Even so, if you don’t like Hello Kitty, there are gotochi of other characters, but at least from what I’ve seen, Hello Kitty is the one that is systematically found in many places. And it is necessary to consider that there are roughly 3000 different designs from each region of Japan, as well as collaborations and some even from other countries (but they are not the majority).

So, you can also find charms and more souvenirs of Rilakkuma and other kawaii characters.

Where can these gotochi Kitty charms be used?

In the case of the charms, you can either hang them on a wall, in my case, thanks to thumbtacks, I aligned them and hung them on the wall. I know that it is not properly to use them, rather it is to have them in sight and enjoy contemplating them.

Another use that can be given to it is, of course, hanging them on the phone. For this, you need to have a case that has the holes for the charm.

Our Gotochi Kitty Collection

Now, after you know what is Gotochi Kitty, let’s get down to business. We are going to see the collection that, thanks to the trips we have been able to make to Japan, we had the opportunity to acquire.

As in any collection, everyone makes their own rules.

In my case, I only buy the Gotochi Kitty when I’m visiting the place. At least until now have I not purchased any online, and since there are some designs that are already discontinued, it does not mean that I will never do it, but for now, I prefer to buy them on the spot.

The charm, in addition to being beautiful, brings back the memory of the place we visited and the anecdote that we could have gone through to acquire it (there are several).

The photos are grouped by region and prefecture. In Japan, there are 47 prefectures and I only have Gotochi Kitty from 9 of them, as you can see, I’m far from having all of them (let alone having all the charms that have come out), but this collection will grow.

Gotochi Kitty, from the Kanto region


In Tokyo, I have been able to acquire distinctive charms from places as well known as the Tokyo Skytree and the Senso Ji temple.


The city of Nikko is located in the Tochigi prefecture, which we were lucky enough to visit on our last trip to Japan, and we were able to acquire this charm that represents the sleeping cat (nemuri-neko) from the Tosho-gu temple.

Gotochi Kitty Nikko


In Kanagawa, we have had the opportunity to visit Yokohama and its ramen museum, and Kamakura, where we bought this charm.

Kamakura is a city full of temples, and it is very nice to visit them.

Gotochi Kitty Kamakura

Gotochi Kitty, from the Chubu region


In Nagano, when I visited the Zenko-ji temple, I found a Hello Kitty charm with an apple on her head. You have to keep in mind that Nagano is well-known for its apples. When I saw it, I told myself that I would buy it later, since the temple was the first place we visited in the city.

I thought I would find that charm somewhere else, such as at the station, and that’s where I learned the great lesson: if you see a souvenir that you like, don’t wait for later and buy it now, you don’t know if you’ll find it later.

What I did find in the convenience store at the Nagano train station was this charm that represents the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

Gotochi Kitty Nagano

Gotochi Kitty, from the Kansai region


In Osaka, both the castle, the tsutenkaku tower and its famous typical foods such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki and skewers are present.


In Kyoto, there is also a great diversity of charms, dedicated to food, festivals, typical costumes or places as special as Fushimi Inari.


In Nara, you cannot miss the references to the beautiful deer that can be seen wandering around the city, as well as the most important temple in Nara: Todai-ji


In Hyogo Prefecture, visiting Himeji Castle, a souvenir associated with one of the best-preserved castles in all of Japan could not be missing.

Gotochi Kitty, from the Chugoku region


In Okayama, we found several Hello Kitty referring to its festivals, its women’s soccer team and, of course, the peaches that distinguish this city for its cultivation.

Other Gotochi Kitty

You can also find some Hello Kitty charms that are not necessarily associated with a place, some may be collaborations with franchises (for example the collaboration with Mori pharmacies), others dedicated to country customs (like the one in the photo on the left dedicated to hot springs).

And the other prefectures? Patience, patience… let’s hope this collection grows!

An irresistible collection!

In conclusion, if you are looking for an authentic Japanese souvenir that reflects the diversity of its regions and culture and is cute enough to display everywhere, Gotochi Kitty will be the perfect choice!

Olga Grijalva

Olga is a traveler and travel content creator with 17 years of experience. Her goal is to share useful information to help you plan your adventures. She has visited more than 40 countries and is excited to share her experience with you.