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Jordan travel tips and 6 days itinerary

We give you the itinerary and the necessary tips to undertake the trip to Jordan on your own.

We checked another wonder on our wonders-list! That was one of the motivations for visiting Jordan, but not the only one. A country where you can see corals, desert and great monuments. In this first post of the series of stories in Charcotrip travel blog we bring you some Jordan travel tips and itinerary, so you can go on your own.

Do you need a visa for Jordan?

Can Mexicans travel to Jordan without a visa? Can Europeans travel to Jordan without a visa? For both questions the answer is YES. Ok, not exactly, you do need a visa but you can get it at the arrival airport. It has a cost of 40 Jordanian Dinars.

Tip: you can buy the Jordan Pass that costs 70 dinars and includes the cost of the visa and various attractions in the country, including Petra. Between the visa and the visit to Petra the price is amortized considerably. Of course: to have the cost of the visa included in the pass you have to sleep in the country for at least 4 nights, so for a one-week trip it is quite convenient.

After paying we receive a stamp and all set Welcome to Jordan.

Get your flight to Jordan at the best price

Time difference

With France/Spain the time difference is 1:00 hours. In other words, no jetlag. From Mexico (Baja California time) the difference is 10:00 hours.

As always: wherever you come from, the advice is to try to adjust as soon as possible to the schedule of the country of arrival.


The official currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD).

Jordanian money

To give you an idea, here are some exchange rates (as of April ’22):

1 Mexican peso = 0.035 JOD
1 Euro = 0.78 JOD
1 US Dollar = 0.71 JOD

I have to say that honestly, before the trip I did not expect the Jordanian Dinar to be so expensive 😮

Something that must be taken into account: on one side of the banknote you can see the numbers in Arabic, on the other side in numbers that we know. And the ٥ ‎note is not zero XD in Arabic the ٥ ‎is a 5.


To get to Jordan: we traveled by plane arriving at the Amman airport (with the Air France airline), in Economy class. A pretty bad service, but I’ll talk about that in another article. We departed from Milan and paid 900 euros for the two of us.

Within Jordan: during our stay we had various means of transportation.

  • Car with driver: to make journeys from one point to another we use this means of transport. This allowed us to make stops at various places along the way, so we could make the most of the day 😉 (this option is very expensive compared to the price of a traditional means of transport).
  • Plane: we flew with Royal Jordanian to go from Aqaba to Amman, quite cheap price considering that I bought the tickets very little in advance.
  • Bus: to go from the airport to the city and to go to Jerash we took the bus. Only that with this means of transport you have to be very alert since sometimes everything is written only in Arabic. Of course, there was always a good samaritan who helped us 🙂 .
  • Taxi: we had to take them several times and I have to say that they have been the worst taxis in the world that I have taken. As always, you have to agree on the price before going up. But be careful here since they will look for any pretext to raise the price, even if it was already agreed upon at the beginning. And worst of the worst, some taxi drivers SMOKE in the taxi without caring if it annoys their passengers. Look, I’m used to taxi drivers trying to scam people as much as they can, but here, in addition to being scammers, the cigarette bothers me a lot. Maybe it doesn’t bother other people so much but it does for me 😮
Bus only in Arabic

Hotels in Jordan

During our trip to Jordan we stayed in several hotels:

Amman: Amman Pasha Hotel and Intercontinental
Petra: Petra Moon Hotel
Aqaba: Sol y mar beau rivage

What suitcase should you take?

We went in the winter season in the place where we live, in Jordan there is also winter but it is much lighter. Even so, long-sleeved blouses and a windbreaker should be worn. In Petra, wear a coat, hat and scarf because it is cold. But in Aqaba, light clothing was enough. With this and the snorkel masks, two cabin suitcases (one for each one) were enough for us. We carried a change for each day since we didn’t want to wash clothes there.

Welcome to Jordan

Itinerary in Jordan for 6 days

We stayed a total of 6 days. We were unable to see the whole country, but in a week we were able to see several important points, and we were quite satisfied with the itinerary.

Day 0 – Journey: Charcotrip arrives at Amman
Day 1 – From Amman to Petra: stops in Madaba, Mount Nebo, Dead Sea, Petra by night
Day 2 – Petra: Petra Archaeological Site Tour
Day 3 – Wadi Rum: journey from Petra to Wadi Rum, spending the day in the desert of Wadi Rum, journey to Aqaba
Day 4 – Aqaba: snorkeling in the Red Sea
Day 5 – Amman: flight from Aqaba to Amman, visit of Jerash
Day 6 – Amman: visit of the Roman ruins of Amman and departure to the airport

Charcotrip in Jordan


Curiosities about Jordan:

  • In the toilet: everywhere it is written in one way or another that TOILET PAPER SHOULD NOT BE THROWED IN THE TOILET. Curious fact since in other countries it is exactly the opposite. 🙂
Where to put the paper

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