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Swimming in the Dead Sea, a whole new experience

How does it feel swimming in the Dead Sea? we will tell you how it was. A place like no other.

The sea commands respect, its waves, the sound of water, marine life. But now imagine a sea where there are no waves, the water does not make any noise and marine life is non-existent. That sea exists and it could not have had a better name: the Dead Sea. But the only thing that if it is the same as other seas, is in the fact that it imposes respect, but in a different way. We are going to tell you about our experience when swimming in the Dead Sea (or at least try it). One of the things that made us very excited about the trip to Jordan.

How to get to the Dead Sea?

From Amman, you can go either by car or by public transport. We did it with the first option. By car it takes about an hour, although we made some stops along the way to visit other places. By hiring the visit with car and driver, you can take advantage to see various places during the day, for example on this visit that you can see Bethany and the Dead Sea on the same excursion. When hiring the tour you have to look at which beach of the Dead Sea will be the visit.

To go to the Dead Sea by public transport, take the bus from Mujaharin Station to Rame. From there you have to take a taxi to the beach (the closest public beach would be Amman Beach). The bus ticket would cost about $ 1.50 and the taxi about 6 (so haggle well 😉 ).

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Let’s go to the Dead Sea!

And after a while on the road, we arrived at the Holiday Inn Dead Sea, the place where we would use the facilities to swim in the waters of the Dead Sea. This was the place that was included in our excursion and had good opinions. That is why I say to you, if you hire an excursion, check out where they propose to take you.

The facilities of the place were very nice, too bad we were not going to sleep there. Plus it was exquisitely empty 😀 very nice. We went in February, a date that, I suppose, is not high season.

Face to face

And we came face to face with the Dead Sea. There we began to find the meaning of his name. It didn’t move, it didn’t make any noise. You could see a sea, yes, but without waves, or the sound that comes with them, I have never seen anything like this.

Frente al mar muerto

Why is it called Dead Sea?

The name “dead” comes from the fact that, due to its high salinity, it is impossible for marine organisms, such as fish or plants, to inhabit it. Although it is not completely dead, some bacteria and fungi can be found in it.

The Dead Sea water has a density of 1.24 kg / liter, which makes it easy for a human body to float.

What does it feel like swimming in the Dead Sea?

To begin with, I have to say that the water is totally different from anything I have ever seen before. The water seemed more like an oily solution. It was something like the eye makeup remover that is between water and oil, something like that. We got into the water and yes, it is true, one can float very easily. If you are used to getting into the water and making an effort to float here, the feeling will be disconcerting: there is not much to do to float.

Hola desde el mar muerto

But, you should not be over-confident, you have to enter the water with respect. The fact that the water is so dense and that it is relatively easy to float means that precisely if we make a bad movement and float on our backs, it is very difficult for us to recover a good position and it is very dangerous.

Flotando en el mar muerto

Of course, doing it safely, calmly, without getting crazy and with someone nearby who can assist us, if needed, then there should be no problem. And for example, Vicente normally battles to float in the water, but here in the Dead Sea he was able to float and was very comfortable.

And since we were sure that we got into the water safely, I remembered that cliche of the typical photo in the Dead Sea reading the newspaper. Well, I was stunned and completely forgot to have one on hand, so I make the gesture for the XD photo but yes, you can.

Nuestros pies en el mar muerto
I hope you can appreciate the water, it looks like oil water.

So if you ask me what it feels like to be in the Dead Sea, the first word that comes to mind is: it feels weird. But to explain why it feels weird, I have to say is that this rare float so the water is oily, no waves coming to hit the body. It is rare and different. An unforgettable experience.

And if it is already unpleasant when by accident the seawater “undead” gets into your mouth, I have to say that the dead sea is HORROROUS, and it was only a single drop that accidentally entered my mouth, really nothing, it was due to a movement I made with my arm, but without danger, because I was standing. But I have to say that it tastes MORE THAN HORRIBLE. I had said it. 😀

A sea full of properties

Something that I thought was a lie, was that the dead sea mud masks had properties. But now I believe it, since we experience it in person. As on the beach there was a “mud station”, after bathing, you smeared yourself with mud from the Dead Sea. I smeared myself on the face 😀 and after a little while, I went back to the Dead Sea to remove the mud.

I have to say that the result was SPECTACULAR. I had soft, smooth skin, wow, my opinion changed completely 😀 of course, if some beauty products use that argument, you have to buy products that REALLY are from the mud of the Dead Sea ehhhh.

Later we even found out that the Dead Sea helps many skin diseases, for example psoriasis.

And, as almost always happens, after being in the water … one gets hungry. So we went to the hotel restaurant for a quick bite, before continuing with the tour.

Funny baby changing mat sign XD

Saying goodbye to the Dead Sea

Before saying goodbye to the Dead Sea completely, we stopped to admire the landscape and see the vast amount of salt there is. It’s not like I hadn’t experienced it already XD . But we could see the cauliflowers of salt that form on some shores of the sea. Besides, we also admired the desert landscape.

Hopefully, we can return to the Dead Sea because, unfortunately, it is disappearing. It is drying at a rate of one meter per year, in addition, this is causing the formation of pits, huge holes that can be seen on both the Jordanian and Israeli sides. Some of the causes of this are the diversion of the Jordan River and the over-exploitation of minerals from the Dead Sea.

And hoping to be able to swim again in its regenerating waters one day, we say goodbye to the Dead Sea.

Hasta luego

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