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Cats in Malta, where they live like kings

We show you the cats of Malta, in this country the felines live like kings and are cared for, discover the reason and enjoy our gallery of kittens

We want to bring you a photo gallery of the cats we saw in Malta. And there were a lot of them! Cats could be seen everywhere, both strays and domestic cats, frolicking very calmly.

Why are there cats everywhere in Malta?

We all know that throughout history, depending on the civilization, cats have been the object of devotion, as was the case in the time of the pharaohs in Egypt. In the same way they were hated during the middle ages, when they were associated with witchcraft.

Nowadays, it is common to see stray cats in many countries, but generally those poor guys look bad. They are either very skinny or show signs of constant fighting. But in Malta this is not the case, every one we passed by looked well cared for and healthy. The reason there are so many cats in the tiny country is similar to Kennedy Park in Lima: rat invasion, for which they came to the rescue. They came to stay and the people rewarded them for their help. And it is true that during our trip to Malta we did not see a single rat. Cats keep them at bay.

You can see several parks where they have their houses and food available, there are associations that take care of them and receive donations to be able to continue with their mission of caring for the Cats of Malta. Although not all cats seen in the country are strays, many of them have their home and let their beauty be seen from Maltese windows.

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If you are a catlover, it will be a delight for the eyes. Cats are quite calm and do not run away from people.

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