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Where to have a delicious and affordable breakfast in Puebla?

Fulfilling breakfast in Puebla, at a super price, right before we took the tourist tram to Cholula.

We got up early to be able to take the tram to Cholula, but first we had to fill our stomachs. But after having paid something expensive for our previous meals, we asked ourselves, where can we have cheaper breakfast in Puebla? And it seems like we found the right place.

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We went to have breakfast at a restaurant near the hotel called “Tortas La Florecita” which was cheap and delicious!

The day before, our noses were blown away by how expensive restaurants are in Puebla, so La Florecita was a very pleasant surprise.

My breakfast: freshly squeezed orange juice and some huevos divorciados (es) (divorced eggs).

In total we ate huevos divorciados and scrambled eggs, coffee, chocolate and orange juice and it was less than 100 pesos. After we had to pay 160 for lunch and 250 for dinner the day before, it was quite a pleasant surprise. The day started well. Where to have cheap breakfast in Puebla? Well, in la Florecita 😀

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Taking the tourist tram to Cholula

After breakfast we went to the zócalo to look for the tram, once there and as there was still an hour to go before it left, we took some pictures. In the showcase of the town hall office, we found a very dark version of the china poblana, since she had a skull face. And of course, when we came across a manhole cover, we couldn’t stop taking a picture of it.

And it was time to get on the tram that would take us to Cholula. It was very picturesque, although it was not really a tram, since it was a vehicle with normal tires, but from the inside it seemed to be a real one.

Y por fin: llego la hora de partir a Cholula.
And finally: it was time to leave for Cholula.

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