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Cholula churches, a quick tour

Let’s see how is a tour of Cholula, Puebla and its surroundings by tourist tram. We’ll visit their churches and find out their legends.

That day we would visit the city of 365 churches. Myth or reality, who knows, but the visit to the churches of Cholula promised a lot.

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Arriving in Cholula

To get to Cholula, we take the tram in the Puebla zócalo, it costs 95 pesos per person and the total journey takes about 6 hours.

When you arrive, the first thing that catches your eye is the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios (es) (Our Lady of Remedies), which can be seen in the distance.

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Our tour of Cholula and its surroundings

First stop in Cholula, the zócalo. Quick arrival to go to the WC and buy water, funny anecdote: the WC costs 5 pesos and they only give you a piece of paper. In other words, if it’s not enough for your needs, you’re done! (I have seen other toilets where they said like 1 roll 5 pesos – 2 rolls 7 pesos – 3 rolls 10 pesos).

Pro tip: take your good ration of paper when you go to Cholula

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We also had the LUCK of being able to see Popocatepetl! Many times it is not possible to see it because of the clouds, pollution and others, but it was visible.

Que suerte tuvimos de verlo
How lucky we were to see it

With the quick shopping done and the bathroom stop done, we set off again now to get to our first stop.

This is our first stop: The pyramid of Cholula. It is not as imposing as those of Teotihuacan or Xochicalco, but it is one of those with the largest base of all.

The pyramid of Cholula

And just being there we found one of the traditions that are not lost and we saw them in full action: the Papantla flyers.

Papantla fliers

The churches of Cholula

We’ve been told that there were many churches in the area, and we went to check it out. Looks like they didn’t lie to us. We also passed through the fields of the area, the atmosphere was very rural.

It is said that in Cholula there is a church for each day of the year, that is, 365 churches. But this at the end of the day is just a legend. This originated when Hernán Cortés saw the number of teocallis (small temples dedicated to Quetzalcóatl) that existed, he was impressed due to their large number. Then these were eventually replaced by churches and that’s where the legend comes from. According to the archdiocese, there are 283 parishes counted. So there will not be a church per day of the year, but if we remove the weekends, there will be.

Along the way we find a very peculiar construction, very colorful and surrounded by strange legends, we refer to the Castle of Cholula.

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The notable churches in the area are: the church of Acatepec and Tonantzintla and for that reason I have dedicated a separate publication to them, but here are two photos.

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