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Visit Chichen Itza, a guide to a wonder in Mexico

Visit the Mayan site of Chichen Itza in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. We take you there so you know what to see, how much it cost and the best times to visit.

The site from Mexico that is part of the new seven wonders of the world, at last we could visit it: Chichen Itza. One of the most important place for the Mayan civilization. In this post we will tell you all the details of the visit to Chichen Itza that we made.

Hi Chichén Itzá

Getting to Chichen Itza

We were so excited to finally visit Chichen Itza! We took the bus from Mérida, you can read about how to get from Mérida to Chichen Itza by yourself in this other post. Of course, you’ll have to get up really early, but it’s worth it.

Buying the tickets

The tickets can be bought at the box office, right at the entrance of the site. In this area, you’ll find also toilets, shops and lockers to store luggage. For very large luggage, we recommend though asking the hotel beforehand if you can leave them in the lockers there. When we arrive there was no line, the wonders of arriving early, but when we were out it was super busy. So, to prevent any issue we would advise you to buy the tickets in advance, you can do it here.

Opening hours: From Monday till Sunday, 8 AM – 5 PM, every day of the year.

Price: 75 pesos. Furthermore, the State Government charges a general admission fee of $406.00 and for the Mexicans who can prove nationality through official identification, the admission fee will be only $127.00.

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So in total the price will be: Foreigners = 481 and Mexicans = 202

Entering the site

Before entering, we highly recommend to use the restrooms here, since we don’t remember seeing any once inside the site 🙂 the line was short, we got in quickly. We entered the site and we didn’t have to walk much to see the famous pyramid 🙂

Our visit to Chichen Itza

A little bit of history

Chichen Itza was founded around 300 AD. The capital of the Itzáes was the most powerful site in Yucatan peninsula. It is located in the center of the northern plain of the Yucatan Peninsula and has access to few but safe water sources. In addition, towards the south it had extensive agricultural soils, necessary to keep the population fed.

[alert-announce]The Itza is the name of a Mayan people that emigrated to Yucatan approximately in the 4th century, possibly coming from Petén.[/alert-announce]

This city controlled the commercial ports, also dominated the maritime traffic, from Tabasco to Central America. Military might was the basis for maintaining that extensive control. Likewise, its Sacred Cenote was considered one of the entrances to the world of the gods, an idea that was exploited to subdue the city, its inhabitants and any belligerent enemies.

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