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Guide to visit La Bufadora in Ensenada, Baja California

Guide to visit la Bufadora in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. A place that you cannot miss if you travel in Baja California state.

La bufadora is one of the places not to be missed if you go for a ride in Ensenada, Baja California. A show that nature gives us. Hopefully with this little guide you will be encouraged to visit it on your tour of Baja California.

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La Bufadora en Ensenada entrada
Welcome to La Bufadora

What is the Bufadora?

La Bufadora is a marine geyser, but it should not be confused with hot springs that draw gases or boiling water from volcanoes. The waterjumps are a combination of a cave with the waves, which when hitting, are thrown upwards.

The name of the bufadora comes from the sound that occurs when the water jumps, due to the force with which the trapped air and water escape through the chimney. It sounds like the snort of an angry animal.

The water that shoots out can reach a height of up to 30 meters.

La Bufadora echando agua
Jumping water

How to get there?

La bufadora is not exactly in the city of Ensenada. To be exact, it is within the Ensenada Metropolitan Area, in the town of Punta Banda. To get there from Ensenada you have to travel about 36 km which take approximately 50 minutes.

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So some of the options to get there are:

Can you get to la bufadora by public transport?

Of course. As expected, it will take a little longer, but it is possible.

Take the Vigia line or Brisamar transport towards “Maneadero”. They both leave from the center.

To take the Brisamar transport bus (yellow, almost orange, and white), it leaves from Calle 4ta between Miramar and River Roll through all of Miramar to Blvd Costero. It can be taken at the corner of the civic plaza, or if you come from a cruise ship, you can take it at any corner of Blvd Costero.

The Vigia line (in white with blue) leaves from Calle Sexta and Miramar, goes along the entire calle novena until it reaches avenida Reforma or transpeninsular.

If you come from another country, you have to know that public transport can stop at any corner. There are no “defined stops” as there are in other countries. You just have to know where it goes to be able to take it.

With both companies the fare is $14 pesos and they pass every 5-10 minutes.

Both arrive at “Maneadero”. You have to get off at Calimax (it is a supermarket chain). A line of light blue and white minibuses leaves from there, heading towards the Bufadora or Maneadero parta alta. The company of this line is Transportes Nativos. The cost of the second trip would be $18 pesos and they pass every hour.

When you get in, ask the driver if he is going to the Bufadora. Ask the locals if you can’t find where to take the bus.

With which a round trip from La Bufadora to Ensenada would cost $64 pesos. Do your math to see what suits you best 😉

Do not forget to bring change to pay the ticket, large bills are generally not accepted!

La Bufadora y el mar azul
Worth reaching

How much is it?

Not counting the cost of transportation, the bufadora itself is free 🙂 (the price we like the most), but yes, one must avoid wasting all ones money on souvenir stalls. There are some that can be found in Ensenada at a better price.

Visiting the Bufadora in Ensenada is FREE

La Bufadora en Ensenada echando agua
Water is jumping

What to see and do in La Bufadora?

The main attraction, as its name implies, is the bufadora itself. You go to the platform to wait for the water to jump. You have to be mentally prepared that maybe you’ll get wet ^^. Depending on the time you visit, it will be more or less easy to get in a good place to see the natural spectacle.

Gaviotas en La Bufadora
Seagulls in La Bufadora

The other activity is “chattering” through the souvenir shops, but without much entertainment, because they will almost always be the same things as in Ensenada. Better to spend more time watching the water jump 🙂

There is also the possibility of seeing the water jump, but from the side opposite the viewpoint. That’s right, from the water, you can rent kayak rides and observe the natural phenomenon from another angle. The other activity, which is perfect if you are hungry, is going up to one of the restaurants with an ocean view and admiring the landscape from above while you fill your stomach. Of course, you have to look at the prices before to avoid abuses.

La Bufadora in Ensenada: useful tips

  • Ensure that the tide is not too low, if this happens the water will not jump really high.
  • Bring cash for your expenses in the area. Not everywhere is the card accepted.
  • Do not climb into the prohibited areas, even if you see that many do. Safety is first.
La bufadora escalando rocas
Do not climb if it is prohibited
  • Be patient with the sellers, but be firm in saying no and go your way if you are not interested in what they offer.
  • Sometimes the gazebo can be quite full, try to go on weekdays and avoid school holidays, if possible.
  • To avoid sunburns, use sunscreen, but also avoid the hours when the sun is at its highest. Better to go early or late. Also, you will have a beautiful sunset in sight.
Atardecer en La Bufadora
Sunset at La Bufadora

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Ardilla en la Bufadora
Squirrel in la Bufadora

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Guide to visit la Bufadora in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. A place that you cannot miss if you travel in Baja California state.

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