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How to get to Cuernavaca from Mexico City?

For a long time I wanted to know the city of eternal spring, Cuernavaca, Morelos and when I had the opportunity to take a trip through central Mexico, arriving at Mexico City (CDMX), I didn’t think twice. Here we will show you how we got to Cuernavaca from Mexico City, or CDMX, and some other options that we are aware of, so that you take them into account.

We took a flight from Mexicali to Mexico City. From there we would transport ourselves directly to Cuernavaca. So in our case we were looking for a transport directly from the airport.

How to get to Cuernavaca from the Mexico city (CDMX) airport?

The answer was quite easy, there were city buses departing from the airport. As we left the plane, we headed towards the ticket offices. A very great comfort, since you don’t have to leave the airport to go to the bus terminal. The CDMX to Cuernavaca ticket cost 203 pesos (updated price 2020: 315 pesos for a single ticket).

You must take into account that the bus ticket offices are located in terminal 1. In case you arrive at terminal 2, you will have to get there. Here we tell you how to move between the terminals of the Mexico City airport.

Y aqui llegamos a la taquilla
And here we come to the ticket office

The journey went smoothly, it lasts just under two hours, the bus is the most comfortable and they had a movie. The bad thing is that since the trip was short, I couldn’t see the end.

Upon arrival it was very strange, instead of going to take the suitcase they made the passengers stay on one side and they took out all the suitcases, they put them in line and after that they finaly let people approach to take their suitcase, different customs.

Y ahí nos esperaban nuestras maletas
And there our suitcases were waiting for us

How to get to Cuernavaca from other locations in the CDMX?

If you are already in Mexico City, take into account that you can take the bus to Cuernavaca from:

  • Central del Sur (Taxqueña) – South Central, takes an hour and a half.
  • Central del Norte – North Central, takes two hours.
  • Central Poniente – West Central, it takes longer, just over three hours.

Don’t forget that there is also the possibility to visit Cuernavaca as part of a day trip from Mexico City. For example there is this Taxco and Cuernavaca Day Trip that could be another option to take into consideration.

How to get to Cuernavaca by car?

It must be taken into account that the distance is approximately 86-92 km and depending on the traffic it takes approximately an hour and a half to arrive. You have to take the Mexico-Cuernavaca / MEX-95D highway.

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Route from the bus terminal to the hotel

When we left the bus terminal, we (well, Vincent) let ourselves be guided by the map and we walked to the center. Not that it was very far, but the walk seemed super long, could it be because I was a little tired and with the luggage on my back?

On the way we found the sign that said “Welcome to Cuernavaca”. Yes, we were already feeling there and, to get to our hotel, we went through a market where there was everything.

Discovering Cuernavaca

Once we got rid of the weight of our backpacks, we went to walk aimlessly through the center of the city, the truth is that our hotel was excellently located so we could do everything on foot. We went to see the craft stalls.

No, no probamos las pizzas XD
No, we did not try the pizzas XD

And we visited the Cathedral of Cuernavaca complex, there are also the Chapel of the Third Order and the Chapel of Santa Maria. Despite not having sat down, I felt quite calm and relaxed in that place 😀 very nice.

After having a good time, we continued walking through the colorful streets of Cuernavaca. The day was slipping away:

Casas coloridas ^_^
Colorful houses ^_^

And walking aimlessly we arrived at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, another place where it was nice (this time yes) to sit and watch people go by.

After walking that much we were hungry, so we went to dinner ^_^ we came out full!

With a very full belly we went to sit on a bench in a small square in the center, that’s when we realized that the summer weather in Cuernavaca forces us to put on a light jacket at night, it was cold in the middle of July!

La plazita
The little square

And what a laugh to see the creative names that they put to fruit juices, but there was one in particular that was already total laughter:

La SUPER QUE!?!?!?!
The SUPER WHAT!?!?!?! [polla = (ch/d)ick]

And to close the night we went near the Palacio de Cortés (which we would visit the next day)

The series: A trip through the center of Mexico

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