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What are the snacks we like most in Mexicali?

We tell you which are the favorite snacks in Mexicali, Baja California. Discover the favorite trinkets of the cachanillas.

We Mexicans love salty snacks. Of course, depending on which state of Mexico, and even in which city, we have our favorites. Here I want to bring you a list of some of the snacks that we love in Mexicali, my city.

Snacks we eat in Mexicali

Some of the cachanillas favorite salty snacks are:

Churritos de Maíz

Corn churritos are made, as the name implies, from corn flour, vegetable oil, and salt. They are high in calories, since they absorb a lot of the oil in which they are fried. But let’s not think about sad things now.

Here in the video I combine corn churritos with doritos:

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In general, I always add chamoy sauce, Amor sauce and lemon. Delicious.

Chamoy is a Mexican condiment made from dehydrated fruit, chili, salt, sugar and water, with a sweet, spicy and acid flavor. It is generally a powder dressing, but it is also used in liquid form. Its origin derives from umeboshi, a traditional Japanese dish made from pickled Japanese apricots that are usually dyed in red.

Churros locos (crazy churros)

EAting churros locos
Eating churros locos

A more sophisticated way of eating corn churritos, now you don’t just add a few sauces, no, a whole preparation is made. Each stall has its own recipe, here’s mine:

– Corn churros
– Tostitos (optional)
– Cucumber chopped into cubes
– Clamato
– Salsa Amor and other hot sauces to taste
– Chamoy
– Tajin
– Optional: Japanese peanuts and cueritos (the latter, fried pig skin, are not much to my liking, so I never put them on).

In the video I am preparing some homemade churros locos, but I was out of cucumber.

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Variations of churros locos

The same preparation but with different protagonists, for example:

  • Tostitos Locos: the preparation is the same as that of the Churros Locos, but instead of churros, Tostitos are added.
  • Cacahuates locos: in this case, the protagonist is Japanese peanuts. It could be said that it is the same as the Churros Locos, since these have Japanese-style peanuts, but they have more peanuts and no churros.

Nachos with cheese and meat

The base of this snack is nachos, fried corn, to which melted yellow cheese is added. So far good. Then what is thrown on it will change depending on the place where they are bought. You can add minced roast beef or chilli beans.

(For those who are afraid of spicy, in the roasted meat version you can go with confidence, but yes, do not add jalapeños).

Variations of nachos with cheese:

  • Ruffles with cheese, tostitos with cheese, doritos with cheese: these are all commercial fritters, which are prepared with melted cheese and are also a delicious snack.
  • Cheese Fries: Similar preparation, but French fries are used instead of corn chips.

Corn cocktail

In the rest of the country they call it Esquites, but in Mexicali we know it as Coctel de elote (Corn cocktail). This succulent snack consists of boiled corn grains, usually served in a glass (hence its name cocktail).

As in the way of calling it, depending on the state, the way of preparing it varies slightly. For example, in Sonora and Baja California, they are prepared with corn kernels boiled with mayonnaise or cream, butter, chili powder, hot sauce, and grated white cheese. You can add more things depending on personal preferences, for example I always add chamoy and lemon on top, in addition to the ingredients mentioned above. Yum yum.

Coctel de elote
You can eat a delicious corn cocktail, based on butter, mayonnaise and cheese… extra you can add chili and lemon.

Various fries

These are usually eaten in schools, they are flour fritters in the shape of a wheel or rectangles, chili and lemon sauce is poured on top. They are highly caloric, just like churritos, so you have to consume them in moderation. Because without realizing it, you can eat a good amount.

Beef jerky

It is beef, which has been dehydrated.

Beek jerky
Beef jerky. Photo by Maguy B.

Bubas (grilled sausages)

This snack became popular in the baseball stadium of the city team “Los Águilas de Mexicali“, it is the delicious-grilled sausages better known as bubas. Its preparation is quite simple: grill the sausages over charcoal until they are a little burnt and add the seasonings and sauces to taste. Although today they are also sold outside the stadium, for Mexicalenses the original flavor is that of those sold in “el nido” (the nest, name of the stadium).

Bubas from the Nido de los Águilas
Bubas. Photo by Maguy B.

Pico de gallo

This snack is one of the most “healthy” of all, it is a glass in which you put chopped fruit, some of the most common fruits are: jicama, watermelon, orange, cucumber, melon, among others. Chili powder and lemon are added.

This name is not used in the same way throughout the country, in the south the term “pico de gallo” is used to name the “flag sauce” which is a tomato, onion and chili sauce.

Salted apples

A salty alternative to caramel apples are apples wrapped in chamoy and chili. Like the classic sweet apples, they are sold skewered on a stick.

We love snacks in Mexicali!

As you could see with these delicious snacks, in Mexicali we like spicy, sweet and sour flavors and with lots of lemon 🙂

Tell us, what are your favorite snacks?

Olga Grijalva Alvarez

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