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Morocco flag, let’s talk about it

The Moroccan flag is a beautiful and vibrant piece of Moroccan culture. You will see it during your trip and here we will talk about it.

When traveling to Morocco, one of the things that will catch your attention is its bright red flag. We are going to talk about it in this article. The red flag is a symbol of Islam in Morocco, as well as the symbol of the king. This bright color is considered to represent purity, as it is similar to the color of blood, which represents life and vitality.

Morocco flag

Every time I visit a new country, being able to see the flag everywhere, is a feeling that reaffirms that I am in another place. In a place where common life is possibly very different from what I have seen.

How is the flag of Morocco?

The flag of Morocco is made up of a red field with a green pentagram, known as a five-pointed star, which is in the center of the flag.

What is the meaning of the colors of the flag?

The red background of the flag is the color of the Alawites, the dynasty that currently reigns in the country. The five pointed star with its green color represents the five pillars of Islam and the blood of their ancestors and unity.

Morocco’s current flag

The current flag of Morocco was adopted on November 17, 1915, and is very similar to the flags of other Muslim countries, such as Algeria and Tunisia. This is not surprising, as Morocco has a long history of Islamic influence. In fact, Morocco was one of the first countries to adopt Islam as the official religion, back in the 7th century.

Today, Muslims make up around 99% of Morocco’s population, so it’s no surprise that the flag reflects this religious heritage. The star in particular is a common symbol in Islamic art and architecture.

Do not miss it!

In conclusion, the flag of Morocco is a beautiful and unique flag that you will surely see during your trip to the country. Be sure to take one or several photos of it, it will be a memorable memory of your trip!

Now you know, those who did not know, a traveling hobby that I have: taking photos of the flags.

Olga Grijalva

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