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Do alpacas spit? how to know if they will spit on you?

Do you know how to recognize when an alpaca is about to be spitting on you? we will give you easy steps to recognize. It happens at lightspeed!

Do alpacas spit? Do you know how to recognize the signs of an impending spit of alpaca? We will tell you all.

Do alpacas spit?

The short answer is YES THEY DO! The alpacas, llamas, guanacos, and vicuñas, are friendly camelids that inhabit the Altiplano in South America. We were lucky enough to see them on several occasions up there, grazing calmly.

At that time we knew that they are animals that do not bite and that spit to drive away undesirable. We only knew it in theory, but that day we were going to experience it in first person 🙂

So most of the times you don’t have to worry, unless they feel threaten or bothered they shouldn’t point to you.

And the alpaca spits, it’s true, here’s the story

We arrived at a place called lagunillas in the Altiplano, it was a short stop “5 minutes” the woman from the bus announced. We walked fast to get away from the others and take photos when suddenly we saw a trio made up of an alpaca, a llama and a sheep grazing. I had to contain the emotion and not scream, CUTE CUTE! We got closer but not too close so as not to disturb them, but close enough to take a photo.

Grupo pastando
Grazing group

In that Vicente took a few steps to see the pretty alpaca who turned to see him, in that, everything was like a blast! It made quick movements and the alpaca spat at him! luckily it fell on his shoulder and in the end we saw that what they spit is chewed grass, it smells a bit ugly but we removed it right there and that’s it 🙂 but we already learned something new.

El justo momento cuando escupe
The right moment when it spits

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The signs that that alpaca will spit

Stares at you intently

Lo que en ese momento pensabamos que seria un simple Hola Alpaca
What at that time we thought would be a simple Hello Alpaca

It begins to move its neck

Raise its head to the sky

Alzo la cabeza, huye!
I raise my head, run away!

(if this happens it will spit already)

The next step happens so fast that there will be no time for anything, after raising its head what follows is that greenish or brown pasture comes out of its mouth (everything will depend on the grass it has been chewing). And when you least realize it, the alpaca will be spitting directly into your face.

Fases del escupitajo de una alpaca
Phases of the spit of an alpaca

The alpaca spat at me, now what do I do?

There is nothing left to do but clean the dignity and apologize to the alpaca for having bothered it while it grazed 😀

Of course, in exchange for the spit we have a fun anecdote to tell 😉

Hasta luego alpaca, aunque nos escupas sigues siendo adorable
See you later alpaca, although you spit at us, you are still adorable

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