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Review, Hotel Capsule Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow

Opinions about Hotel Capsule named Vozdushny Express, located in Terminal E inside Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow

On our trip to India we had a layover in Moscow for 11 hours! It sounded unpromising, on top of that those hours were at night and I was already beginning to imagine the scene: sleeping on the airport benches. Horror. Leaving the airport was not an option, since we did not want to get a visa just to sleep in Russia and when I was already resigned I found that in terminal E of the Sheremetyevo airport there was a hotel, the Vozdushny Express within the Terminal Transit area E. I couldn’t believe it.

Capsule Hotel

Where is this hotel located within Sheremetyevo Airport?

The Vozdushny Express hotel is located inside Terminal E of Sheremetyevo Airport, so you do not need to present a visa to leave for the city. When our plane, from the Aeroflot Airline, arrived we had to go through a passport control area but only to see the document, not to request a visa or anything.

Then there are several signs at the airport indicating where the Hotel is located (marked as Capsule hotel).

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How is the reception and staff?

The girl at the reception is efficient: she has our reservation, previously made by email, and everything is ready to receive us. At that time we pay for the hours that we are going to stay. But let’s face it, it’s not the warmest welcome in the world: no “good night”, or a smile, or anything that hints at friendliness.

Okay, already on the plane we had realized that the Russians do not shine for their effusiveness.

How about the room?

To reserve the room you have to choose between window or no window. In my case I chose a window but I made a mistake, here’s why: part of our sleeping hours were during sunny hours, so the fact that the light came in at the end was inconvenient. Something to keep in mind for next time. On top of everything, the window did not allow to see what was outside 🙁 so I kept wanting to see the planes from the room.

The beds are individual and in each one we have towels for the shower. There is also a TV where we saw some pretty funny Russian infomercials. A nice touch are the two free bottles of water that we found on the desk.

How was the bathroom?

The bathroom is fully equipped, including a hair dryer. It is a pleasure to be able to take a shower before taking the plane.

How much does it cost?

The price was 6000 rubles (100 euros) for 7 hours, expensive, but the resting time we had in this hotel at Sheremetyevo airport was totally worth it. This place offers other services for which we have the prices in the room. In case you forgot your tooth brushing kit in your checked bag. Keep in mind that they do not give you checked bags during these long scales. To book it, for the moment the only available channel is their official website, if the booking form is broken they can be contacted by email.

Important: when the checkout time was approaching, the phone rang. The girl at the reception wanted to know if we would leave the room, since otherwise they would charge us more hours. This to say that you have to leave the room at the agreed time, since it is rented by the hour.


Would we recommend this hotel?

To all those who make very long layovers at the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport and who cannot go out to visit the city, I totally recommend this hotel. That rest before continuing the trip helps a lot.

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