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How to go from Copenhagen to Stockholm by train?

We show you how to go from Copenhagen to Stockholm using the train. An efficient and comfortable means of transport.

It was time for us to leave Copenhagen, our next stop: Stockholm. But, how would we go? Here we tell you how to go from Copenhagen to Stockholm by train. A transport option that was most comfortable and appropriate for our trip to Denmark and Sweden.

Keep in mind the distance between Copenhagen and Stockholm is 654.6 km

Why did we choose to go from Copenhagen to Stockholm by train?

We decided that to go from Copenhagen to Stockholm by train due to these reasons:

  • travel time, quite convenient (we left at 8:28 AM and arrived at 1:40 PM)
  • price was reasonable SEK 1,096 (equivalent to 115.77 euros) for the two of us.
  • for that price, which meant paying only a little more than for second class, we could go in first class, which included breakfast and the best thing: WIFI on the train!
  • taking the train meant going from the city center which was very convenient for us.

To book the travel, there was not much problem. I was able to do it in advance, long before embarking on the trip. All through the website of the Swedish Rail railway, when paying we receive a confirmation email and the tickets that must be printed and do not forget since we would be controlled more than once.

You can also make a reservation at Rail Europe, in English. In this place, you can purchase tickets for other European countries on the same platform, handy when you are going to move to several countries.

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Arriving at Copenhagen train station

There wasn’t much to do, just walk as we were very close to the station. Of course, it was forbidden to be late, the trains are very punctual and they don’t wait for anyone!

At the station there is not much problem, you just have to follow the screens and go to the platform.

On the SJ train to Stockholm

And here comes the train that would take us from Copenhagen, Denmark to Stockholm:

And when we got on we saw that the train was not new, but the seats were VERY SPACIOUS, comfortable and it didn’t take long for the train to depart when breakfast arrived (it’s not to die of stomach congestion but it helps).

Also, in the car we were in, we had a corner where we could have as many drinks and fruits as we wanted.

Había que aprovechar
You had to take advantage

Once the physiological needs were satisfied, now yes, to enjoy the view, and the Wi-Fi!

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During the trip, we crossed from Denmark to Sweden, although it was not very clear to us exactly where it was. We believe that it was at some point when crossing the bridge in the photo since after that crossing the next station is Malmo and that is already Sweden.

Arriving in Stockholm

No need to say that the trip happened very quickly. There was no time to get bored, when we least expected it: we had already arrived in Stockholm.

So I can only recommend this option to move from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Of course, you have to buy the ticket well in advance to get a good price and adequate time.

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