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Visiting Hello Kitty in Bangkok

We show you how the Hello Kitty Cafe was in Bangkok, so you can get an idea of what these themed cafés offer.

In the city of Bangkok, we were able to visit the famous Japanese cat called Hello Kitty. A pleasant surprise that we found, when touring the shopping centers of the city. A very cheerful café and desserts that were sad to eat because of how beautiful they were, that and more we found when visiting Hello Kitty in Bangkok.

Hello Cat ^^

The Hello Kitty Cafe we are talking about here closed its doors in 2019. But we want to show it to you anyway, so you can see what these themed cafés have to offer.

The Hello Kitty Cafe in Bangkok was located in the Siam Square One shopping center. A very nice shopping center in a quite lively street full of shops.

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The place inside and outside

In addition to the café with tables, chairs and decoration inside the place, there was also a part where people could order food, but outside the premises. I don’t know if you could order outside and eat inside, or if ordering outside had a different cost. The truth is that I saw it until we were leaving. That yes, very nice too.

What’s in a Hello Kitty Cafe?

Upon arrival, they bring us the menu, there were some savory dishes, beautifully decorated, but I went straight to the desserts, since we had already eaten. The idea was to order a cappuccino and a dessert. The menu had photos of everything, and some things were even sold out.

On the shelves, we could see examples of what the cups or desserts looked like… in case the menu wasn’t enough.

A Hello Kitty coffee

I ordered a cappuccino and, as expected, it came with Hello Kitty drawn on top! Very difficult to destroy it to be able to drink it. I remember that I stayed taking pictures and watching him for a while. Something like this had already happened to me in Tokyo, when we had some beautiful cappuccinos with animal designs.

When I finally took it, it was fine. In terms of flavor, it was neither the best nor the worst cappuccino I’ve had in my life XD. Of course, you have to keep in mind, almost always in these themed cafés or restaurants the food is gorgeous, but the taste is nothing to write home about.

Ah, in fact, even the sugar packet had Hello Kitty.

The colored cake…

And with the cappuccino comes the little cake. And to vary from the chocolate, I ordered a: HELLO KITTY RAINBOW CAKE

Well, rainbow, it only had two different colors, blue and pink. It was so pretty. I didn’t want to eat it, well, I did, but I didn’t want to destroy it but, oh well, I had to be brave and eat it… that’s why I had come.

Goodbye little cake…

Before we go, the photos with… Hello Kitty

Obviously, before we left I wasn’t going to spare Hello Kitty and leave without taking some photos of her and taking more photos of the place, so here they go:

The only complaint about the place, although it doesn’t matter anymore because it doesn’t exist anymore, is that they had a “Hello hello hello hello Kitty” song, which was nice to listen to… the first 3 times. Afterwards it became a bit excessive, they repeated the same song without stopping, and it was a bit exasperating. Other than that, all good. Ah well, the price, yes, it was a bit expensive, but that’s almost always the case in these themed restaurants, you have to know that.

And here comes the story of our visit to the extinct Hello Kitty Cafe in Bangkok. Let’s hope that at least the Totoro Café, which is closed but with the promise of returning…indeed, will return one day.

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