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A Totoro Restaurant, in Bangkok

A restaurant with the theme of the movie My Neighbor Totoro. We show you the place.

During a trip to Thailand in Bangkok, there is a restaurant that Totoro fans cannot miss. It is a restaurant where the dishes and the decoration remind us of the movie My Neighbor Totoro. The first studio Ghibli licensed restaurant in the world; in Japan, they have only one coffee shop inside the Ghibli Museum.

The place is called: May’s Garden House Restaurant.

How to get there?

It turns out that in my GPS I searched for something like “Mei’s coffee”, I used the word Mei which is how it is transliterated from Japanese (メイ) and a coffee appeared so that’s where we went. We had to take two buses and walk quite a bit. All to realize that the aforementioned “café de Mei” was a place that no longer operated and that this was not the place we were looking for. Late did I realize the mistake I had made 😮 . We found the right address, we had to walk even more and even take a metro. We got there shortly before they closed, but we got there.

I leave you the correct google reference, so you don’t make the same mistake when you want to find the place. It is located in the Sukhumvit district.

The restaurant is open from 12 PM to 7 PM. The restaurant has been closed since May 2019, it seems that they are going to change places. When this is done we will tell you here where it is. (I discovered it while writing these lines, hopefully it will reopen its doors very soon to the delight of the fans).

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May’s Garden

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The totoro food

The menu completely alludes to the movie My Neighbor Totoro. Obvious, being the main theme of the place. The plates are shaped like characters seen in the movie or recreate it. They are very pretty, but we did not expect a mega succulent flavor. Lucky for us as well we were not disappointed. I’m not going to say that the taste was bad either, just that it was somewhat bland, but it didn’t matter, since its beauty compensated everything. Of course, it was a mini torture to have to undo the dishes to eat them.

But if already with the plates it was difficult to destroy the beautiful design, I think that the beauty of the hot drinks made things even more difficult. My cappuccino had Totoro drawn on it, I stayed for a long time looking at it and I couldn’t destroy it. I had to turn away when I started moving the spoon around to stir the sugar. On the other hand, the cold drinks were normal, those really did not give any qualms about drinking them.

Something important to keep in mind: not all dishes are available. In our case, since we arrived almost at the end of the day, many dishes were no longer available. If you are looking for the “prettiest” dishes for photos, then the recommendation is to arrive early.

The decoration of the place

The place is simple but cozy. Totoro can be seen even in the windows of this restaurant. A delight for the fans.

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Special mention to the bathrooms

Upon entering the bathroom, you can see that no detail was spared. That’s up to where the spirit of Totoro went.

Totoro’s world even in the toilet 😀

Greeting our friend Totoro in this restaurant in Bangkok

One of the great attractions of the restaurant was a huge Totoro. Obviously, we couldn’t resist taking pictures with him.

And there we are “greeting our friend Totoro“.

The restaurant has been closed since May 2019, it seems that they are going to change places. When this done we will tell you here where it is.

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