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What to do in Dubai mall?

Let’s visit the largest shopping center in the world: the Dubai Mall. We can tell you: there is a lot to see and do there.

This shopping center, with its 10,200 hectares, is the largest in Dubai and in the world. Here you can do many things, besides buying clothes and shoes, and here we are going to tell you what to do in the Dubai Mall, we tell you that the hours will fly by.

Dubai Mall

Information to visit the Dubai Mall

Which are the schedules?
They can vary, it usually opens at 10AM, every day. For closing from Friday to Sunday it would be at 12AM and the other days at 11PM. They are always published on the official page of the Dubai Mall.

How to get there?
As to visit the Burj Khalifa, you have to take the metro to the stop of the same name, that is: Burj Khalifa-Dubai Mall and then walk through the tunnel, pleasantly cool.

The area where the Dubai Mall is located is known as “Downtown Dubai”

The Dubai Mall opened in 2008, and since then its popularity has grown from receiving 39 million visitors in 2009 to 84 in 2019, more than twice the number. As a curious fact, in this shopping center there are two distinctive department stores from their countries, the French Galeries Lafayette and the American Bloomingdales, which are the first and only existing stores in the Middle East outside their nations of origin.

Galeries Lafayette en Dubai Mall
Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall

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What can be seen and done in Dubai Mall?

Buy, or just see, in stores of all kinds

We start with this, which is the obvious activity in a mall. In the Dubai Mall there are stores for all budgets, but beware, without haggling. We go from the places where souvenirs of the city are sold, to the area where we will see pure Louis Vuitton-style shops or the famous red-soled Louboutin shoes. I gave myself the pleasure of entering the store, knowing that I would not buy anything since I did not give the budget, but they do not charge to see 😀

Louboutin in Dubai Mall

And as I say, there is all and everything:

Carretita en Dubai Mall
Cart style

And since we’re talking about Louboutin, if you’re a fan of shoes, don’t miss out on a tour of the Level Shoes, it’s an area where we could see all kinds of shoes, there are even Adidas and Converse, all presented in a style of concept store, quite nice.

Climb to the highest

Remember that the entrance to the Burj Khalifa is inside the Dubai Mall, so if you happen to be there and you want to visit it (and there is availability), you can go. Although it is always better to have tickets already purchased in advance. On the first day in Dubai Mall, what we did was locate the colorful entrance, so the next day when we visited the Burj Khalifa, we knew exactly where to go.

Burj Khalifa, desde el tunel hacía Dubai Mall
Burj Khalifa, from the tunnel to Dubai Mall


At the Dubai Ice Rink, even not knowing how to skate, we looked out to have some fun seeing those who could do it. This type of attraction is usually seen in many shopping centers, but it should be noted that here it is a skating rink. The famous ski slope is located in the other big mall in Dubai called Mall of Emirates.

Dubai Ice Rink

Admire the divers

In the Dubai Mall one of the artworks that we can see, there available to everyone is called The Waterfall. One of the things that impresses is that it covers all the floors of the shopping center, so no matter what floor we are on, we can see it (and photograph it).

The Waterfall en Dubai Mall
The Waterfall in Dubai Mall

Go to the aquarium or see the mermaids

You can see several marine scenes without entering it, but you have to know that this is one of those mall attractions that do require a fee. Tickets can be purchased here in advance.

For this occasion, we settled for seeing the enormous variety of fish from the windows of the free part, which is quite big, reminding us a little of when we snorkeled in the Maldives.

And the thing about the mermaids is that apparently a mermaid show is taking place, reliving the dreams of those who saw The Little Mermaid, you can also hire a mermaid experience for the little ones.

Acuario del Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall Aquarium

Something that will most likely happen while visiting the Dubai Mall, is that you will hear the call to prayer. You have to remember that the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country and you will notice how the calls are heard throughout the Mall, without fail. It’s surprising at first, but then you get used to it.

Visit the Dubai Dino

In the area known as “the Souk” we find this huge dinosaur skeleton that is about 7 meters tall, wow, it is also about 155 million years old. But don’t think it was dug up right there, no, it comes from the United States and was excavated in 2008.

For a moment when I saw it, I thought that it had been found in the desert of Dubai, but no 🙂

Dubai Dino
Dubai Dino

This species of dinosaur is known as diplodocus and this one was shown to the public starting in 2014, an event that brought together dinosaur lovers and experts to observe this specimen. We also admired and photographed it, but surely we did not see it in the same way, since we were stunned by its enormous size 🙂

Dubai Dino
Dubai Dino

The dinosaur is called Dubai Dino, since a contest was organized and that was the winning name.

Dubai Dino
Dubai Dino

Admire the fountain show

This cute coordinated fountain show with music and lights takes place every half hour between 6PM and 11PM. It is highly recommended and if you spend enough hours in the Dubai Mall, maybe you can see it several times. The song is changing, so each time it will be a different show which lasts a few minutes.

Show de la fuente en Dubai Mall
Fountain show in Dubai Mall

Here is a short video of the first show we saw:

@charcotrip Este es el espectáculo de la fuente en Dubai #fyp #charcotrip #parati #dubai #viaje #mexicanosenelmundo ♬ Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Eat or have a coffee

In the Dubai Mall, in addition to many things to do, there is also a wide variety of options to eat or have a coffee. From the busy food court, to quiet places where we can relax for a while. There is everything.

Food court
Food court

What else there is to do in the Dubai Mall?

Something classic that can be seen in many shopping centers are the cinemas, in the Dubai Mall it would not be the exception. In addition there is a Kidzania and a virtual reality park. Another thing that can be done in this shopping center is to try an Emirates flight simulator which is still on my whishlist since every time I went there it was closed.

What to do in Dubai Mall? A LOT!

As you can see, there are endless activities to do in this huge shopping center. Of course, be careful with spending all your money in the shops 😀 you’re going to run out of excursions 🙂

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