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Images of a roadtrip through the Arizona Desert

Story, with pictures, of a roadtrip driving through the big Arizona desert. Dunes, desert and nice cacti in sight.

Quick story with photos of a roadtrip through the Arizona desert, dunes and saguaros in sight.

From nowhere to nowhere

Well, of course, we had an origin and a destination, but that’s not what’s important in this story. The important thing in this story is to tell you what we saw in the middle. That enigmatic nothingness of Arizona desert and of having a flat and straight road ahead for this roadtrip. The highways of the United States.

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After crossing the border from Mexico to the USA, we left California, via interstate 8, we crossed into the state of Arizona, passed through Yuma, Dateland (the land of the date) and then took the 10 south, all to reach Nogales. But that didn’t matter.

What mattered were the cacti and the dunes that we saw along the way.

Here we show you our Roadtrip through the Arizona desert.

We left from California, from the Imperial Valley… also a desert area
Nos vamos hacia Yuma!
We’re going to Yuma!
Y esto es lo que nos espera, camino recto. Puede cansar pero al menos no estresa.
And this is what awaits us, straight path. It can tire but at least it doesn’t stress.

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De repente entramos en la zona de las dunas.
Suddenly we entered the area of the dunes.
En donde podemos ver carritos, motos, etc
Where we can see carts, motorcycles, etc.
Un colorido letrero nos indica que entramos en el estado de Arizona.
A colorful sign tells us that we are entering the state of Arizona.
Despues de un rato de manejar, paramos para admirar el paisaje... desertico
After a while of driving, we stop to admire the landscape… desert
Todo y nada... hacia alla...
Everything and nothing… to there…
Estirando las piernas
Stretching the legs
Jugando con las sombras...
Playing with the shadows…
If you visit Dateland, be sure to try a Date Shake he he he
Y estos son los creadores de dátiles.
And these are the creators of dates.
Y al seguir nuestro camino de repente nos encontramos rodeados de sahuaros.
And as we continue on our way, we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by saguaros.
El Palo Parado Road… it made me laugh hehehehe (Standing Stick)

And now a little bit of the way back.

Al volver a entrar en California... un letrerito te da la bienvenida
As you re-enter California… a little sign welcomes you
Consignas de higiene
Hygiene instructions

And finally, more dunes.

And this was the lightning short story with images of a Roadtrip through the Arizona Desert.

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