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The Vatican Guard. Who are they? Why they are dressed like that?

Do you know who are the guards who protect the Pope, lets talk about the Vatican Swiss Guard, as you’ll see them in your visit to Vatican

They are the Vatican guard and they are unmissable as you’ll see them while you have to go through, they will make you wonder why are they dressed like that?

Either of you go on your own or if you take a tour like this one Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel Guided Tour you will notice them.

Who are these guards in Vatican City?

They are the Pontifical Swiss Guard, the traditional ceremonial guard at Vatican. Its origins date back to the 16th century. Its peculiar uniform was inspired by Raphael’s frescoes and was designed at the beginning of the 20th century by Jules Répond, I would have thought it was older.

Guardia del Vaticano

Are they really protecting?

Exactly as it happens with guards in London or Copenhague, they are not adornment guards, since they are in real functions: they must protect the Pope in particular and the Vatican in general.

Which are the requisites to be a Swiss Guard?

To be a member of the Swiss Guard you must:

  • Be single
  • Swiss citizen
  • Catholic man
  • Good mental and physical disposition
  • Age between 19 and 30 years old
  • Must have a school degree, minimum middle school
  • Have served in the basic forces on the Swiss Army Forces with good behavior
  • Height minimum 1.74 meters

How many Vatican guards exist?

Now there are around 100 Swiss Guards only.

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