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About Charcotrip

Charcotrip is a place where we want to share our adventures around the world. We jump the charcos (puddles) to discover what is in other places.

We show the beautiful, emblematic and pretty of each place …

but also…

We want to show you the common of each place, that for us being from different places can be very strange.

That is why in our blog, in addition to monuments, statues, blue sky, beautiful churches, you will also find city buses, garbage cans, soda cans, manhole covers, toilets, to mention a few things …

Sometimes in a report you will see more pictures than text, it is totally normal, the images are the main ingredient, with them I want you to feel that you are there. Of course everything is seasoned with words. Imagine that we are in a cafe and I am telling you how it went in X place … imagine that you are asking me how to get there and how much it costs to enter … in the blog we answer you (almost always ^_^).

I must admit that I do not delve into the historical data of the place, I tell you what we saw, how we felt, I think that the historical data of any place we have visited is much better presented in wikipedia 😉 (I do not intend to compete with them).

But who is behind Charcotrip travel blog?

Olga aka Gaolga

Mexican, Mexicalense (from the city of Mexicali, Baja California). She has lived in three countries: Mexico, Italy and France. Currently residing in the latter. Computer Engineer, she is dedicated to systems development and she likes to travel a lot, she has the crazy ambition of visiting all the countries of the world. She likes to eat everything, but she refuses insects, reptiles and animals that were too cute when they were alive …

We will see what she would say if she were hungry and there was nothing else to eat …

She likes to take pictures, especially of the little animals, for which he can’t help but scream saying “oh, how cute“, scaring them sometimes.

Do you remember Elmyra from the Tiny toons? … well there she is XD

She has a special weakness for cats, which she cannot stop photographing when she meets them.

She also has a rare obsession with taking pictures of the manhole covers of the places she visits.

She defines herself as a travel geek. When she plans the trips she will make, she does it with great care, coldly planning every single detail.

Although she always forgets something.

Olga "la querendona de los animales" (aquí vemos un venado que de plano ya no opuso ninguna resistencia, fue mejor para sus oidos)
Olga “the darling of the animals” (here we see a deer that flatly put up no resistance, it was better for its ears)

Vincent aka Vicente aka Tousoxeu

French, Arlesian. He has lived only in France.

Although living with Gaolga we could say that he has somehow lived in Mexico too.

Technician in Networks and systems, is dedicated to keeping servers and clients in perfect harmony. Guess what? he also likes to travel.

If it were not so, he wouldn’t support Gaolga’s craziness

He does not take many pictures, but when he does he manages to capture some spontaneous and unexpected shots, he also likes animals, but not to the Elmyra level.

when we say everything is everything, he follows the philosophy of knowing the gastronomy of the new place to the letter and therefore he has eaten chapulines, maguey worms, frog legs, horse meat and would be willing to eat other things more in order to discover new flavors.

He defines himself as totally curious and practical. When it comes to packing, he will be the one to find a way to do it in the most efficient way possible …

that is if you do not confuse the weight limit of the suitcase, for example confuse 32kg with 23kg

He is the one who will not forget to carry all the necessary accessories such as chargers, etc. He is the one who at the time of being in the destination will take the map and lead the way. And again following the craziness of Gaolga will be who is looking for the perfect manhole cover.

Vicente "el come todo"
“eats-everything” Vicente

and toghether the form Charcotrip

PHI_1550-2 (copy)

Wait a minute … you have come this far but surely you must continue with the doubt … Why the hell is the blog called Charcotrip?

In Mexico, going from America to Europe is called “Cross the puddle”, and the blog started because Olga had left Mexico to do her master’s degree in Italy and it was the best tool to communicate to the family and friends all the new things that were “Del otro lado del charco (From the other side the puddle)“, which was precisely the name of the blog in its beginning.

Some time later when we acquired our own domain, when thinking about what we would call him (delotroladodelcharco.com was not very to my liking) Vicente came up with the name Charcotrip, a shorter word that still captured the essence of El Charco… and trip for travels. Now the literal meaning of the puddle no longer applies, because I know that when going from France to Japan no ocean (or puddle) is crossed, but for us to cross puddles in the Charcotrip way, it is to cross borders, go beyond fears, discover and learn.

Well, now you know why it is called Charcotrip 🙂

And to finish … our great pride: the map of our visited countries

Countries visited

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