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What to see in Bratislava? (if we have few hours)

Let’s explore the city of Bratislava, we’ll tell you what to see in a day or a few hours.

Bratislava was a transit city, both for the arrival and the return of our trip, so we never really spent a full day in it. Even so, we did not want to waste the opportunity to discover it. So, after leaving Budapest we spend an evening on it before catching a plane. Let’s see together what to see in Bratislava, even if we have only few hours.

Arriving in Bratislava

And we arrived in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. We had a few hours to visit what we could. Luckily the city center is small. So our goals for the day were: find the statues that are scattered around the center, see the castle and we thought there would be no time for more, but on the way we found other things.

And there you can see the flag of France

From the train station we walked to the center (the only bad thing is that we had to go with our bags because we had nowhere to leave them).

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What to see in Bratislava?

Grassalkovich Palace

The first place we came across on the way was the Palace Grassalkovich. This place is the residence of the President of Slovakia. We could see the guards in their positions, very serious. And the flags of the country could not be missing, as a good collector of flag photos I took a picture with them.

Discovering the city center

As we went into the city we found old buildings, quiet streets, friendly people and well-known shops. Despite not understanding any of the language, there was a word that seemed familiar to us: something like Restorancia, I don’t remember very well if it was written like that, the thing is that among so many words that were not understood it felt good to see something more or less understandable.

And when it was time for the “restorancia” unfortunately we had to eat in a fast food chain, again, since the student budget was not enough for more. Thus, Slovak gastronomy remained pending.

Playing “Find the statues”

And suddenly we began to see statues everywhere, we were already in the center there was no doubt. In Hlavné Námestié Square we found the statue of a soldier dressed in Napoleon style who happened to be in front of a building with the French flag.

A statue that caught my attention is the one called Cumil, which dates from 1997 but it seems that it has been there forever since it blends so well with the landscape. It is said that tourists love it but also like to abuse it (eg children sit on its head). I did the same and pretended I was going to kick him, just for the photo obviously I didn’t do him any harm 😉 (yes, he was always very smiling).

Then we saw the Schone Naci statue which represents a man, poor and with some mental illness, from the beginning of the 20th century who was very well dressed greeting everyone who passed by. Finally we have the statue of the creator of the Little Mermaid, the Danish Hans Christian Andersen who appears next to a snail that seems to be taken from one of his stories.

Oh this little dog, look at her, poor thing, I think her eyes hurt from so much pulling on her skin.

Que dolor
How painful

Bratislava castle

And to end the visit we arrived at the castle. But given my tiredness from carrying a suitcase all day, I resisted going up those stairs, so I settled for seeing it from afar. While my friend came over to take a look at it, I waited for her on a bench while she observed the beautiful view of the city.

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Although in the end I did not resist and went up, but anyway we did not enter the castle since we did not have more time.

And then it was time to go to the airport.

This is how this trip ends…. which leaves the following morals…

“Hamburgers always save your purse, a coffee comforts the soul and you should never visit a place with luggage, it’s too tiring”

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