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What to see in Brittany? Let’s discover this French region

A recount of the places we saw during our visit to this French region.

After visiting La Rochelle, we went to visit the Brittany peninsula. There are many things here that make us think of England and the surrounding regions, in fact, the first time I heard about this region, I had trouble understanding that they were not talking about Great Britain. In this article, we will tell you what to see in Brittany.

How to get to the Brittany region?

We arrived by highway since we were coming from La Rochelle, but in this region there are very varied options, everything will depend on the time of the resources available. It can be reached by train, by boat or by plane.

What is waiting for us to see in Brittany?

Seascapes and walking routes

We had the opportunity to be at several points near the town where we were staying (Beuzec Cap Sizun) and on each occasion the landscapes were spectacular with a gorgeous colored sea. Although the coasts that we saw did not invite us to swim (in any case, it was icy) the views that they gave us compensated us quite well.

Pointe du Raz

To get to the place where “the westernmost point of France” is located, you have to walk, I didn’t really know how many kilometers I walked, but it seemed eternal to me, yes, the landscapes were stunning.

That’s when I realized that I had flat feet and at that time I didn’t even wear insoles, so such a long walk was a huge burden: I hurt from my feet to my back horribly.

Even some of those who accompanied me did not understand my extreme fatigue and limited themselves to saying that “surely in Mexico I did not walk so much” (in fact, in Mexico every time I walked a lot I had the same pains, but I thought it was something normal, and I never saw to a podiatrist).

Here goes the lesson: never assume things from people, and better ask the cause of the problem.

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Once this relief is done, I have to say that the long walk was worth it, the view of the sea is wonderful, but I only have it in my memory since I ventured to climb the stones without the camera for fear of dropping it (Vincent waited for me at the warning sign).

Fun warning, by the way: you basically proceed at your own risk.

Do not miss out on places like Saint-Malo, we will tell you how our one-day visit to this Breton city was.

Breton churches

The churches we saw in Brittany have a Gothic style but with particularities that, at least I, have only seen in this region of France: at the entrance of the churches you can see Calvaries adorned with figures.

Cap Sizun Reserve

A place where you can go bird watching. You can see the nests of what, I thought, were seagulls, although now I’m not so sure.

Le Guilvinec

A fishing village where you can taste very fresh seafood, but where you can also see the signs that unsustainable fishing cannot last, since the consequences on the ecosystem directly affect the people who live from fishing.

That’s where the protests come from.

Protestas en Le Guilvinec
Protests in Le Guilvinec


This Breton village has the seal of “one of the most beautiful villages in France” and it is not without reason. It is a small but very charming place, one of those towns that is worth seeing if you are passing through Brittany.

Taking time to stroll through its little streets, enter its shops and taste some good crêpes bretonnes is well worth it.

And if you have space, don’t leave without taking a bottle of cider.

Breton Crepe

Enchanter Merlin’s tomb

It will be true or not, we cannot know, but the tomb is there and more than one has left a piece of paper asking for their wishes. We can also see the traces of people who go there to perform rituals, surely magic. So if you are a fan of the enchanter Merlin, be sure to visit his grave in Brittany.

tumba mago merlin
And this is it: the tomb of the enchanter Merlin

Curiosities of Brittany

A certain independence movement is felt in the region, but without reaching violence as it happens in other regions (for example Corsica). Jokingly, it is said that “It is not that they want independence from France, rather they want to annex France to Brittany“.

So, we have the regional language present in several places (although unfortunately the new generations speak it less) as in the direction signs, etc. Even in the common things, there are many interesting things to see in Brittany.

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