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One of Japan’s tallest: Yokohama Landmark Tower (2024)

Let’s visit Yokohama Landmark Tower in Minato Mirai, one of the tallest buildings in Japan. Sky Garden observation deck with views from the 69th floor.

During one of our exciting trips to Japan, we ventured to discover the majesty of the Landmark Tower in Yokohama, even on a rainy day. This iconic structure, located in the prefecture of Kanagawa, stands as one of the tallest towers in Japan, and although raindrops tried to challenge us, we uncovered secrets to fully enjoy it regardless of the weather.

Join us as we share our experiences and reveal how to make the most of this architectural wonder, even when clouds loom over Yokohama.



☑️ 296 meters high tower with a 360-degree observatory, one of the most visited sites in Yokohama.
📍 Nearest stations: Sakuragicho and Minatomirai
💵 Price: ¥1,000.
❓Did we like it?
Yes, despite the cloudy weather and limited visibility.

Yokohama Landmark

Yokohama’s Landmark Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Japan (surpassed by Osaka’s Abeno Harukas, among others). It’s a 70-story, 296-meter skyscraper, completed in 1993. It is located in the Minato Mirai 21 district of Yokohama, next to the Yokohama Museum of Art.

How much does it cost to go up to the Sky Garden Observatory?

¥1,000 for each adult (updated 2024). You can buy your tickets in advance here. Additionally, you can purchase the ticket on the 3rd floor.

If you plan to visit this building in the Minato Mirai district on a weekday, and it’s raining, you can get, for the same ¥1,000, in addition to admission, a postcard, and a drink.

Discounts may also apply for:

  • 65 years old and older, high school students 800 yen
  • Elementary and junior high school students, 500 yen
  • Children (4 years old and older) 200 yen 

🤩 Buy your tickets here for the Sky Garden Observatory of Yokohama Landmark Tower

Landmark Tower entrance

What are the opening hours?

The operating hours for this attraction are from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM (last entry at 8:30 PM).

Can you take photos?


Sky Garden Yokohama view

How to get there?

To reach the Landmark Tower in Yokohama, take the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line (you can use your JR Pass) from Shinagawa Station and get off at Sakuragicho.

From there, the imposing Landmark Tower building is easily visible, so there’s no way to miss it!

Another option is to take the Minatomirai Line to Minatomirai Station.

Are you traveling to Japan?
Don't forget to get your Japan Rail Pass!

What to see in the Yokohama Tower? (Landmark Tower)

The Yokohama Landmark Tower offers a spectacular experience at its Sky Garden Observatory, located on the 69th floor, where the visitors can enjoy the panoramic views of the city, the port, the bay, and, on clear days, Mount Fuji. The Sky Garden is located at 273 meters tall above sea level.

Sky Garden café

The 69th floor also houses the Sky Café, where you can enjoy themed delights and beverages with amazing views. Additionally, the building includes the Yokohama Royal Park Hotel (5-star) that occupies the 52nd to the 67th floor, and the Yokohama Landmark Plaza, a five-story shopping mall connected to the skyscraper.

🤩 Buy your tickets here for the Sky Garden Observatory of Yokohama Landmark Tower

Me at Yokohama Landmark Tower

Taking the elevator to the Sky Garden

We boarded the elevator, which quickly transported us to the Sky Garden. This elevator in which we were situated, the fastest in Japan, could reach a speed of 750 meters per minute! It goes from the second floor to the 69th floor in just 40 seconds!

This means it can travel at 12.5 meters per second or 45 km/h—no wonder our ears popped!


Views from the observation deck and the Sky Cafe

We spent a good while observing the skyline from the Sky Garden, but as it was raining, we weren’t fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji. Nevertheless, despite the clouds, we had a 360-degree view of the city.


We took advantage of one of the seating areas on the observation deck, equipped with chairs from the Sky Cafe. We strategically waited for a chair to become available before going to order our hot drinks. It was truly delightful to enjoy coffee with such a great view in a comfortable chair. We weren’t in any hurry.

Sky Café chairs

As we’ve seen at many observation decks (for example, at the Abeno Harukas building), we encountered a space where couples can pledge their love. In this case, there was a giant heart where lovers wrote notes that were then used to make the heart even larger.

Heart at Landmark Tower

We also came across a bunch of gachapon machines, as usual, offering all sorts of items. I picked a figurine of antique Japanese mail. As always with these machines, you never know exactly what will come out, and that’s part of the charm.

Commemorative drawing of the Landmark Tower

At this tower, they don’t take commemorative photos (a classic at towers), but during our break at the Sky Cafe, I went to the restroom and on the way, I found an artist’s station. I’ve seen them before in other places, but I’ve never dared to ask, not even about the price (I don’t know why, but it embarrasses me).

But, joyfully, this time the price was written, so I could get an idea without having to ask anything and do my calculations. It wasn’t expensive for what it was, but it wasn’t super cheap either (but it’s normal, it’s a hand-drawn picture right in front of you).

So I gathered my courage—I know, it’s silly, I was embarrassed to have someone draw me. Vicente went with me, and we ordered two things we could have seen from the tower but didn’t: a blue sky and Mount Fuji.

And here, I present to you Olga and Vicente in drawing version:

Commemorative Stamps from Yokohama Landmark Tower

As in many towers, here, we could obtain a commemorative stamp of our visit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yokohama Landmark Tower

What is Yokohama Landmark Tower?

Yokohama Landmark Tower is an iconic skyscraper, located in Minato Mirai 21 district in Yokohama, Kanagawa, featuring a 360-degree panoramic observatory in Japan.

How many floors does Landmark Tower have?

It has a total of 70 floors, with the observatory located on the 69th floor.

What are the elevators like in Landmark Tower?

The elevators of Landmark Tower are known to be the fastest in the world and will take you to the top in less than a minute.

In which year was Landmark Tower inaugurated?

Landmark Tower was inaugurated in 1993 and has been a popular destination since then due to its iconic design.

What are some nearby attractions to Yokohama Landmark Tower?

Nearby attractions to Yokohama Landmark Tower include Landmark Plaza, Yokohama Royal Park Hotel, Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu, and Nippon Maru.

What can visitors expect at Yokohama Landmark Tower?

Visitors to Yokohama Landmark Tower can experience Japan’s fastest elevator, spectacular views of Yokohama Port and Tokyo Bay, as well as a stunning shopping experience with shops, restaurants, and sculptures.

Is Yokohama Landmark Tower’s location convenient for traveling to other cities?

Yes, Yokohama Landmark Tower is located near Tokyo and can serve as a starting point for visiting other cities like Osaka, with access to various transportation options.

What makes Yokohama Landmark Tower stand out as a landmark?

Yokohama Landmark Tower is known for its impressive height, being one of Japan’s tallest buildings, its architecture, and its square, making it the largest building in the area with accurate details that stun visitors.

A Must-Visit in Yokohama

The visit to Yokohama Landmark Tower proves to be a must-visit in any itinerary through Japan. From the captivating Sky Garden observatory with its panoramic views to its shopping center, this architectural icon offers much more than a spectacular vista.

If you enjoyed this visit, we invite you to explore more of our adventures in Japan, including our foray into the fascinating Ramen Museum. Discover more about the rich Japanese culture in our articles about Japan!

Yokohama Manhole
Yokohama Manhole

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