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Copenhagen guard change, where is it?

We tell you how the change of the royal guard is like on the esplanade of the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. Do not miss it.

We arrive at Amalienborg Palace Square, just in time to see the guard change in Copenhagen. Welcome to a free concert!

I have to say that after seeing the changing of the guard in London in person I became a fan of these events. Plus they have the perfect price: free. The only condition to be able to enjoy it properly is to arrive on time to have a good spot and see all the action. For this reason we headed around 11:30 in the morning and managed to get a good spot 🙂

The changing of the guard in Copenhagen is one of those completely free attractions that you should not miss

Watching the Copenhagen guard change at Amalienborg Palace

Thanks to the fact that we arrived early there were still not many people and we managed to get a privileged place. It seemed great. At a given moment they put up the barriers and there were policemen taking care that we were all in our place, which we patiently did. In fact, I was impressed to see how, despite having few policemen taking care of people, everyone was in total order.

The first thing we noticed was that the soldiers’ uniforms were very similar to those in London. Curious fact. In fact, they also get to wear a red vest but only on gala occasions so didn’t have that luck. While we firmly observed the soldiers waiting to be relieved, through one of the streets leading to the square we saw the musical band arriving together with the new guard.

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Then they make a series of steps between the two guards to pass the shift and the guard who stops working leaves with band music. Then the band plays for a while in which we enjoy the music 🙂 (although it’s probably more for the royal family and not for us, but we enjoy it just the same).

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But words don’t suffice to describe this event, the best thing is to see the video I took of the ceremony. I was very happy to be able to film almost all of it.

See you later and thanks for the show 😀

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